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Aden Cosmetics, Make-Up Stick
Aden Cosmetics Make-Up Stick
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Code:  Aden Cosmetics Make-Up Stick
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Producer:  Saksamaa - Germany
Importer:  PRO Kosmeetika OÜ
Pack:  1 tk

Aden Cosmetics, Make-Up Stick

3 in 1 make-up stick: long wearing foundation, that offers the natural looking coverage of a liquid, the precision of a concealer and the gentleness of a rich moisturiser. If you are looking for a special foundation product, we happily recommend the makeup stick to you. Due to its perfect coverage, it can hide every imperfection. It provides a natural look, it is easy and simple to use. One of the basics of everyday beauty rituals – why would you be contended with something less than a flawless and perfect skin? Unit size: 13 gr