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Karaja Plaisir Silky Loose Powder
PLAISIR tolmpuuder
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Code:  PLAISIR tolmpuuder
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Producer:  Itaalia - Italy
Pack:  1 tk

Karaja Plaisir Silky Loose Powder

Unbelievably fine powder that glides across your skin

like silk, blending in with your natural colour

without streaking for a natural flawless finish.

Available in matt and pearl versions.



Absorbs and reduces excessive shine, guaranteeing your make-up lasts all day.

Its gentle consistency has the visual effect of brightening and smoothing your complexion, at the same time enhancing your natural colour.



Absorbs excessive shine, gently reviving your complexion.

Radiant skin thanks to thousands of tiny glittery stars.



For all skin types.

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