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Gerard´s Soy-Soy Hydro-Touch Cream
Gerard´s Soy-Soy Hydro-Touch Cream
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Code:  Gerard´s Soy-Soy Hydro-Touch Cream
EAN Code / Package Code:  8015903502003
Producer:  Itaalia - Italy
Importer:  PRO Kosmeetika OÜ
Pack:  50 ml

Gerard´s Soy-Soy Hydro-Touch Cream

Mousse-cream with light and soft texture, quickly absorbed. Ideal for all skin types, especially when skin shows the first signs of dryness and structural drooping, making it incredibly silky and velvety. The formula has a wide range of actions thanks to the richness of the active ingredients, which perform toning, moisturizing and regenerating actions. The unsaturated fatty acids of Soy Oil perform an anti-oxidizing action, while the phytosterols and the phospholipids act in the regeneration of the barrier functions and the hydrating rebalance of the skin: they fill the intracellular spaces, enhancing compactness and moisturization, while performing a protective action for the cutaneous lipidic barrier with softening, emollient and moisturizing properties. Soy isoflavones (precious phyto-estrogens for the tissues) help in preventing the formation of cutaneous spots by strengthening and making more compact the deepest tissue of the skin, the dermis, while stimulating the collagen synthesis. Allantoin performs a soothing function; bran Rice oil has restructuring, anti-inflammatory properties, as well as a screening-protective action from UV rays. Its high content in lecithin and vitamins helps in giving skin tone and makes of it an ideal emollient for dry skins, as well as combination and impure skins. The formula is enriched with the Moisturizing-Antiaging 24h Hydroviton Complex and Vitamin E.

Active ingredients: Bran Rice Oil, Soy Oil, Allantoin, Hydroviton, Vit. E.

Use: Apply onto clean and toned face and neck by giving a gentle massage, in the morning and evening. The light texture allows an immediate absorption, without leaving residues.