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Rejuvenating Mask GMT
Noorendav Rejuvenating Mask GMT
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Rejuvenating Mask GMT


The Peel Off (plastifying) cocoa and algae mask contains a richly moisturising and rejuvenating complex of active substances for dry skin and has a powerful moisturising, anti-aging effect that rejuvenates skin structure. The sweet smell of cocoa reduces emotional tension, boosts vitality and improves your mood. The mask is intended for the face, décolleté zone and body

Main Active Ingredients
Diatomaceous Earth/Solum Diatomeae; Calcium Sulfate; Algin; Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate; Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Extract; Iron Oxide/Ci 77491; Iron Oxide/Ci77499; Fragrance/Parfum.

The combination of cocoa and algae has rejuvenating properties. It nourishes, moisturises and smoothes skin, protecting it from premature aging and ensuring its healthy appearance. The mask’s basic ingredients include a complex of active ingredients originating from the sea and containing alginates extracted from Laminaria algae. These give the mask a particularly gentle and plastic texture. Polyphenols and vitamin A act as powerful antioxidants, neutralising the impact of free radicals and slowing down aging processes. The astringent and toning properties of tannins make the skin more elastic. Thanks to the intensive effect of the active ingredients in cocoa, the skin’s protective barrier/hydrolipid layer will be rejuvenated and the skin will retain its optimal moisture level and natural glow. The moisturising effect is highly effective at preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Mix the required amount of mask with room temperature water (1 part mask: 3 parts water) and, mixing intensively, obtain a consistent paste. Apply the mask immediately to the cleansed face, neck, and skin in the décolleté and chest area.
The mask will dry out within 7 minutes.
Allow it to act for 15 minutes, after which the mask can be easily removed.