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ALTERNA Caviar Polishing Serum
ALTERNA Caviar Polishing Serum
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Code:  ALTERNA Caviar Polishing Serum
EAN Code / Package Code:  873509017851
Producer:  USA
Pack:  30 ml

ALTERNA Caviar Polishing Serum

When it comes to healthy-looking shine, Alterna Caviar's Polishing Serum is the perfect styling product that can take your hair from drab to fab. The blend of silicones will ensure your hair is always at its radiant best ready to make you the center of attention.

Adds shine

This serum contains a progressive blend of silicones to help seal the cuticle, while adding a healthy amount of shine. This may also be used as an age-fighting booster, by adding 2-3 drops to any daily conditioner.


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