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JOICO Daily Care Treatment Shampoo
New Daily Care Treatment Shampoo
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JOICO Daily Care Treatment Shampoo,

Super-effective Inositol–a natural conditioning agent that stimulates healthy skin tissue–is the star ingredient here. But also for better results, Biotin, which promotes excellent blood circulation, is added. Jojoba and Safflower Oils moisturize and draw away impurities. Shampoo therefore moistures and cleans the scalp ideally, but gently. Good for those with scalp concerns (including dryness, itching, and sensitivity), who also want a shampoo gentle enough for everyday use.

Directions for use: Apply small amount to wet hair, lather and rinse. For more intensive scalp issues, reapply and let lather absorb for five full minutes before rinsing. (Note: Excessive flaking and itching may occur within the first five-to-seven days; this is normal for chronic scalp conditions. You’ll see noticeable improvement after just two weeks of continuous use.)

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