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Rica Brazilian waxing with avocado butter in discs 6x83g.
Brazilian RICA 6x83g Wax
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Code:  Brazilian RICA 6x83g Wax
EAN Code / Package Code:  8021515003401
Producer:  Itaalia - Italy
Importer:  PRO Kosmeetika
Pack:  500 gr

Rica Brazilian waxing with avocado butter in discs 6x83g.

Avocado Butter is enriched by Vitamins A, D and E that has moisturizing, nourishing, toning and an anti-oxidant action.

Titanium dioxide produces a creamy, and very gentle wax that reduces redness in even the most sensitive areas. The creamy and velvet texture is easy to spread and it guarantees an excellent grip less painful.

Thanks Zinc oxides absorbing and soothing properties, it permits to achieve a smooth and efficient depilation, time after time.

Natural cosmetic element rich in mineral salts and proteins. It guarantees protection, nutrition and moisture.

Mix of Vegetable oils is RICA's patented formula. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin after depilation and provides a wax with superior gripping strength that is gentle to the skin.

colofony Colophony Free(A known skin irritant depilatory ingredients), fragrance free and colouring free.

Directions of use: Turn on the wax heater and put the jar or the refill in the proper position. Check that the wax has reached the exact fluidity for application. Clean the area to wax with Cotton Milk Pre-Epil Gel. Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth. Allow wax to cool on skin until it becomes soft and pliable (approximately 30 seconds). Use fingers to gently lift one end from the cooled wax. Hold the skin taut and pull the wax off with one quick motion, parallel to the skin and in the opposite direction of hair growth (never use strips or pull wax off in a vertical direction). Remove any residual wax by applying the after-waxing products. After the pull back, red spots may appear on the skin. This is a normal reaction of the hair bulb.