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PSL Lash Mascara
PSL1201 PSL1202 P928 032012 ma
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Code:  PSL1201 PSL1202 P928 032012 ma
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Producer:  EU Europe
Importer:  PRO Kosmeetika OÜ
Pack:  12 ml

Is one formula enough to develop a qualitative product? No! Decided the Perfect Silk LashesTMexperts and applied a package approach. As the result the Perfect Silk LashesTM  Mascara acquired a unique formula, a form of the brush and a form of the flask.
Having thick, long and rich silk eyelashes you would like to give them a special care, wouldn\'t you? Of course! The Perfect Silk LashesTM Mascara was designed for that. It is comprised of:
Proteins of wheat sprouts and Japanese silk - they favorably influence growth of eyelash.
Keratin, natural eyelash protein - cover every eyelash with a soft film and strengthen them.
Melanin, another important compound of eyelashes, - act as protection against unfavorable exposure.
Panthenol enhances thickness of eyelashes and improves their condition.
Cera, rice and bee waxes enhance length and volume of eyelashes.
Lanolin prevents dryness and fragility of eyelashes.
Vitamins strengthen, feed and moisturize eyelashes, stimulate their growth, add elasticity and silky texture.
UV - filters protect against impact of insolation.

Why does the Perfect Silk LashesTM attach importance to the form of the brush? Exactly so! A brush plays one of main roles in the creation of thick, captivating eyelashes. It is the one to provide the evenness of mascara application on eyelashes, to prevent adhesion, to extend, to enhance the volume, to curl. The Perfect Silk LashesTM Mascara has such a brush:
Short, spiral furs - separate one eyelash from another and in this way enhance their volume.
Spindly form - easily combs eyelashes.
Conic end - allows covering intensely the outward corners of the eye with mascara.
Elastic furs - evenly distribute mascara.

Thereby the Perfect Silk LashesTM Mascara ideally cares after extended eyelashes and strengthens the natural ones. It is easily washable and safe for application for eyelash extension. It is advisable to use fat free liquids to remove the Perfect Silk LashesTM Mascara.

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