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37.91 EUR
BraveHead Creative Brush Set Curls and volume can be achieved in many ways. One way is by using a hot curling brush and a hairdryer, another way is by using self-grip rolls and a dryer hood. Both ways are effective but they can be time consuming and don’t always leave you with the result you were hoping for. The creative brush is used like regular hot curling brush but with one big difference - it has a detachable handle so that you can leave the brush in the hair. Because of the brush bristles, you get a tighter grip and a more defined curl. Set includes: 1x handle 2x ø45 mm brushes 2x ø32 mm brushes 2x ø25 mm brushes 6x clips
8.46 EUR
BraveHead Creative Brush 2x25mm Brush Heads
9.50 EUR
BraveHead Creative Brush 2x32mm Brush Heads
11.31 EUR
BraveHead Creative Brush 2x43mm Brush Heads
12.26 EUR
BraveHead Creative Brush Clips 12pcs
51.30 EUR
Cera Ceramic Micro Curling Iron Микро щипцы для завивки Ultra slim barrel for super tight curls - only 10 mm!  Ceramic surface for shiny and frizz free curls. Adjustable temeperature, 80-210 C. 3 meter rotating coard. LCD Display. Guaranty 12 months.

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