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2.05 EUR
BraveHead Neutralisation Sponge, 3 Pcs + Holder
Plastic Color Mixer Makes hair color mixing fast and easy  
3.23 EUR
Metal Color Mixer Makes hair color mixing fast and easy  
37.91 EUR
Bravehead Foil Dispenser, Quick Cut Foil dispensers that makes the work of cutting foil faster and more effective. Just put in the foil, lower the handle and the dispensers will cut and fold the foil for you - leaving you perfect ready-to-use stripes every time. Fits all of our foil rolls.
11.40 EUR
Tinala Professional Neck Paper Dispencer    Material: Plastic  Color: Clear  Size: Approx 13.5*9.5cm  Features: Durable and practical container for neck paper use. Sucker design: Stands steadily even on the smooth surface. Side paper outlet: easy and convenient to use. Keeps the paper neat at hands side, making the hairdressing easily.  

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