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Strictly Professional Bellitas Creamy Cuticle Remover Designed to assist with the removal of excess cuticle during a manicure and pedicure treatment. Obtains excellent results without over drying the skin or nail plate. A handy dropper nozzle makes this easy, hygienic and economical to use. DIRECTIONS FOR USE   Apply solution carefully over the cuticle area. Work around the cuticle to soften and remove the excess skin. Dip fingertips in warm water to remove solution. Dry hands and apply Strictly Professional cuticle oil  
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Nail polish Removal pen-Корректор карандаш с насадками Корректор карандаш является практическим инструментом поправок  лака для ногтей или глаз и губ. Подходит для снятия с кожи геля , лака или гель лака . Угловые насадки изготовлены из волокнистого материала.
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Pronails Nail Care Cuticle Remover This ultra effective cuticle remover allows you to push back dried, rough and overgrown cuticles easily, fast and efficiently. With this improved formula it’ll be even easier and faster than before. The cuticles will be beautifully pure, which will improve the following manicure. This gel hydrates and nourishes both cuticles and nails. SOFTENING : Softens the cuticles fast and effeciently MOISTURIZING: Hydrates and nourishes both nails and cuticles CLEANSING : Purifies the cuticles.Apply to the cuticles and wait for 30 seconds. Gently push back the cuticles and remove excess skin. Wash hands after each use.          
Orly Cutique Размягчает кутикулу и позволяет мягко и аккуратно удалить сухую кожу с ногтя, одновременно отбеливая ногтевую пластину.  
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Aden Для удаления кутикул Se on rauhoittava, jonka avulla voit poistaa kynsinauhoja luoda siisti manikyyri.
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Pronail Professional Cuticle Remover Gently loosens overgrown cuticles. When lying loosely on the nail surface, cuticles no longer suffocate nail growth.      

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