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Angel Professional Summer Relax Shampoo
Angel Professional Summer Relax Shampoo
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Модель:  Angel Professional Summer Relax Shampoo
EAN / Код:  p2009
Производитель:  Prantsusmaa - France
Импортер:  PRO Kosmeetika OÜ
Упаковка:  350 ml

Angel Professional Summer Relax Shampoo

A gentle relaxing shampoo with excellent cleansing power. Enriched with the pith of seaweed to penetrate the cuticle leaving the scalp smooth and moist. This shampoo is enriched with peppermint oil to leave you feeling vibrant and fresh. With superb cleansing ability whilst moisturising and nourishing the hair ensures you experience the energy from the ocean.

Directions: Apply an appropriate amount and work evenly through wet hair. Gently massage into the scalp. Rise thoroughly.

Incredients: Aqua, sunflower oil, ammonium dodecyl sulphate, peppermint oil, cocamidopropyl, betaine, seaweed extract, propane-1-2-diol, glycerin, lanolin alcohol, d-pantheol, sodium chloride, cocamide mea, polyquaternium-7, disodium edta, fragrance (perfume), dmdm hydantoin.




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