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Pandhy's ACV Cure Lotion Лосьон против врастания волос ACV
Pandhys ACV Cure Lotion
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Модель:  Pandhys ACV Cure Lotion
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Производитель:  Hungary
Импортер:  PRO Kosmeetika

Pandhys ACV Cure Lotion

The  apple cedar vinegar in ACV body lotion has been used and recognized in folkloristic medicine as a true

miracle worker, and rightly so. This product has excellent anti-inflammatory, calming and epithelis-regenerating 

properties.  It has a beneficial effect on the collagen matrix, and the supporting cells as well.  We recommend 

it for everyday use and care as an all-over body lotion, it stops itchy, red skin, and allergic skin reactions.  

It makes an excellent anti-inflammatory, skin contracting mask when used as a basic crème, and works 

wonders when massaged into dandruff-seborrhoeaic skin, combined with a few drops of Miraculum oil.   

TIP: We recommend its use as an after-shave for men with sensitive skin, instead of the traditional aftershave