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GlamLac Polyacryl Gel
GlamLac Polyacryl Gel,Kamuflaaž Polacryl Geel
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Модель:  GlamLac Polyacryl Gel,Kamuflaaž Polacryl Geel
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Производитель:  EU Europe
Импортер:  Vaata pakendilt
Упаковка:  60 ml

GlamLac Polyacryl Gel

The Polyacryl Gel is a new generation nail gel that is free of smell, does not drip, and it is super stable. Gel has a gel-elasticity and acrylic-strength, odour free, does not heat under the lamp. The gel is easy to use and can be endlessly played for as long as the result is perfect. Gel can be used to strengthen the nail and also to building up a nail. Removes by filing. Attention ! Use a GlamLac Pusher scoop side tool to cut desired amount and apply to the nail plate. Lightly moisten the GlamLac brush with GlamLac Solution. Press and smooth GlamLac Polyacryl Gel into place. Apply to all nails on one hand and then curein the LED Light for 30 seconds or in a UV Light for 2 minutes.

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