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63.65 EUR
Manekēna galva ar cilvēka dabīgiem matiem, 4 krāsu iedaļas 100% натуральные волосы Прекрасно подходит для тренировки любых техник стрижки. Можно использовать горячую укладку
Bravehead Training head for hairdressers, M (35-40cm) 100% natural hair  
Bravehead Training head for hairdressers, L (45-50cm) 100% natural hair  
56.05 EUR
Bravehead Training Head, Man, 20cm    
106.00 EUR
Bravehead Training Head, XL (55-60cm), Brunette 100% Natural Hair    
47.50 EUR
Eulenspiegel Mannequin Head With Natural Hair Mannequin head for face paintings and makeup - 100 % natural hair. 100 % hand made in Germany. Possible to glue fake eyelashes. All Eulenspiegel body art and face painting colors that are made in water base are allowed to use on a mannequin. Also makeup products and lip colors.
24.50 EUR
BraveHead XL Mannequin Female Training head with synthetic hair, suitable for cutting and styling. Hair should not be colored, bleached, permed or styled with hot styling tools. Hair density:  - 42 implants/cm2 on top and crown area - 36 implants/cm2 at the temples - 25 implants/cm2 in the back   Hair direction: natural.
71.25 EUR
Manekeni grimam un frizūrām
128.25 EUR
Bravehead Beauty Stool Saddle Очень удобный качественный стул. Алюминиевая ножка, резиновые колеса. Алюминиевая ножка Резиновые колеса Высота 50-65 см