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12.26 EUR
JOEWELL Scissor Holder
23.66 EUR
Eulenspiegel Brush Pocket Holds 15 brushes.
5.70 EUR
Small Tool Case Small tool case for brushes, scissors, combs and other tools. Size 21x19 cm   Tools not included.
14.16 EUR
Liela otu glabāšanas somiņa, 24 otām
27.55 EUR
Kosmētikas somiņa, Jane Iredale, Clearview Makeup Bag    
50.64 EUR
Jane Iredale Hanging Travel Bag Folds to a compact size, protecting your makeup and making it ideal for packing in any suitcase – you’ll want to take it everywhere you go! Features a magnetic closure to keep everything secure during travel and a convenient, tuck-away hanger keeps makeup and toiletries handy at your destination.   Folded dimensions: 10.23” long, 7.28” wide, 2.36” high
14.40 EUR
Small Make-Up Brush and Accessories Belt Bag 13 pockets