Nagu knaibles

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3.33 EUR
Nail Clipper With Plastic Holder Nail clipper with picture and plastic holder  for kids. Different colors.
4.90 EUR
Nail Scissors and Nail Clips Small scissors and clips set, Pink part is a nail file and other side is for polishing
4.56 EUR
Nagu knaibles Высококачественные материалы и гарантия на изделие производства. Height: 5,3cm.
Nagu knaibles - Piekariņš 6,5cm.
4.37 EUR
Nagu knaibles 10cm.
3.33 EUR
Nail Clipper With Character Holder Nail clipper with character holder for kids. Different pictures.
3.80 EUR
Nagu knaibles 8cm.
4.37 EUR
Nagu knaibles, Bellitas Strictly Professional 8cm.
4.80 EUR
Nagu knaibles 5,8cm.