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Denman Flip-Top - Matu suka    
6.56 EUR
Hercules Sägemann Triumph Master 2.03 Tail Comb The TM2.03 Tail Comb stands at 9" long with fine teeth and a 4.25" long tail.  Use it for sectioning and smoothing hair to bring hair together.  Comfort and control is in your hand with this comb with its grip back and 2-position finger grip.
3.71 EUR
Ķemme matu veidošanai  
13.20 EUR
ghd - šaura matu ķemme Узкая Расческа для волос Расческа с натуральной щетины и конической ручкой идеально подходит для идеальной укладки волос не травмирует кожу головы  
3.90 EUR
Rich Satin Touch Sculpting Brush RICH’s Satin Touch Sculpting Brush is perfect for grooming and shaping short to medium hair into elegant styles whilst adding volume to the roots. The slim brush gives you complete control when styling whilst the cushioned pad helps massage your scalp. It even has rounded bristles to effortlessly detangle hair without pulling or snagging.
16.20 EUR
Smoothing Detangler Hair Brush Paddle brush Smooth through tangles in a breeze! Our fan favorite Paddle Brush has a unique bristle design and cushioned paddle that glides through hair for gentle detangling- dry or wet. Plus, when blowing dry the brush dries hair 20% faster* due to it's aerodynamic EcoVent® design. Less time drying allows for less heat damage and quicker prep time! - Ideal for ALL hair lengths & types - EcoVent® design dries hair 20% faster* for less heat damage - Frizz and static-fighting design Prolonged, extreme heat from some blow-dryers can damage the cruelty-free bristles. Avoid using in shower or bath, and do not soak the bamboo handle.