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Gofrēta folija, 12 gab. Серебро: 6шт Золотые: 6шт.
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Pirkstu aizsardzības lente, platums 2,5 cm
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Gold Aluminium Foil for Nail Art  
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Sudraba folija nagu dizainam  
Foil for Nail Art 4,2cm x approx. 125cm    
Moyra Foil Gel UV gel for nailfoil.  Apply the gel in the desired ornament with a thin brush. Cure it for 2-3 minutes, then apply the nail foil in the usual way.
ProNails Nail Foil These Foils add a futuristic freshness to your nail style. Contains 1,5 m of nail foil. Width 4 cm.  Can be added on top of your base coat, nail polish or gel colour. To be used with the Foil Transfer Glue. Protect with your favorite gloss.
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Aden Moyra Nail Art Foil Glue A very easy to use nail art tool. It is an adhesive liquid that makes nail foil transfer onto the nail. You can design any desired shape with it.    1. Use the Foil Transfer Glue to design any desired shape onto the nail. Stick to geometrical shapes if you want to stay on trend! 2. Let the glue dry until it becomes completely transparent. 3. While the Glue is still sticky, place the foil on the nail and rub down to transfer the foil onto the nail. 4. Protect the foil with your favourite gloss.