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Pandhy´s LYLI Skin Softener Crème Mīkstinātāju krēms
Pandhy´s LYLI Skin Softener Crème
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Modelis:  Pandhy´s LYLI Skin Softener Crème
EAN / Kods:  5999880770125
Ražotājs:  Vaata pakendilt
Iepakojums:  150 ml

Pandhy´s LYLI Skin Softener Crème Mīkstinātāju krēms

Skin-softening, glycerin-based, deeply hydrating skin and hair softening cream with glucose and lactic acid content, and a sweet anise smell.  The primary purpose of its application is the softening of the skin’s thickened upper epithelial layer, through it the cleansing of the pores, and the increase of the peripheral blood circulation of the skin respectively. Due to its lactic acid content, we can also use it as a skin softener following the sugar face massage, as it preps the skin perfectly for cleaning. The product contains grape seed extract, panthenol and multi-active vitamin E, and is recommended for everyday use. It is an excellent, deep-hydrating night cream for mature skin that lacks moisture in the deeper skin layers.


TIP: The care product for the hardened skin on the elbows, knees and heels: following the evening cleaning care routine apply and massage a liberal amount of the Lyli cream into the problematic skin areas.


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