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Talika Lifting Creamy Eyeshadow
Talika Lifting Creamy Eyeshadow
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Modelis:  Talika Lifting Creamy Eyeshadow
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Ražotājs:  Prantsusmaa - France
Iepakojums:  8 ml

Talika Lifting Creamy Eyeshadow 

Creamy eyeshadow with a lifting effect

Creamy eye shadow can beautify and show off your eyes with its ‘lifting’, smoothing effect. Native Damask rose cells: replenishes, firms, provides antioxidants protection and helps reduce wrinkles. Peptide Expert: smoothens and relaxes the eyelid. Anti-aging effect. Helps to smooth wrinkles, improves skin tone and elasticity.


Apply the creamy eye shadow with your finger or brush on your eyelids daily.