23.28 EUR
Papi&Co Pomade Hair & Beard Classic Hold  Pomade to style the hair. Soluble in Water. Does not generate residue or build up. No residue. No Flakes.  Medium to Strong Hold (classic hold) 12 Hours.    
21.38 EUR
Papi&Co Wax Gel Medium Hold and Shine Hybrid between pomade and gel to hold hair. Does not generates build up. Medium strong hold and shine. Does not leave any residue.  
25.65 EUR
Papi&Co Solid Foam For Soft Shaving   Our old school shaving soap for delicate shaving and sensitive skin. Lathers up into a professional creamy and luxurious foam for men that love the good ol' shaving ritual. Vegan friendly, infused with Coconut oil and Brazilian mint oil for a silky soft refreshing sleek shave. Infused with amino acids for healthier skin and less razor burn.     
Papi&Co Hair Gel Extra Hold   Professional Styling Hair Gel with extra long lasting hold. Infused with natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera to keep hair and scalp healthy. UV protector and alcohol free. Get the perfect style everyday and smell amazing while doing it.   
15.96 EUR
Papi&Co Beard Oil Partaöljy A mix of different essential oils. Contains chia oil and tree tea oil with antiseptic properties.   Avoids bacteria growth and skin inflammation. Softens the beards hair, for long or abundant beards.  
13.30 EUR
Papi&Co Shaving Gel Parranajogeeli   Shaving Gel is an amazing alternative to shaving cream. It's fresh and lightweight and allows you to see what you are doing. For face & body. For all skin types, especially those with very sensitive skin. Alcohol Free. Hydrates and moisturizes skin. Amazing for men & women and those newbies that are just getting started.  
12.26 EUR
Papi&Co After Shave Lotion Parranajon jälkeen A Lotion with a disinfectant and antiseptic effect to sanitize the shaved area.   It contains alcohol and mint oil from Brazil for a deep penetration. Pore closer and disinfectant.    
24.70 EUR
Papi&Co Grooming Hair Spray Style Fixer For Men Spray to groom and style the hair.  Meant to style and give volume to long and medium length hair with long lasting results. It does not generate build up or solid residues.   It poses humectants to avoid dryness in the hair and the scalp.  
39.90 EUR
Papi&Co Beard Booster Accelerates beard growth.  Makes beard grow in areas where there is no hair. It contains 5% of concentrated Minoxidil. Visible results from 4 -6 weeks, optimal results after 3 months. No reaction against sun rays.    
20.43 EUR
Papi&Co Beard Serum Parran seerumi Serum for your beard. A product for people with abundant beards.   Serves as a conditioner for the beard and a protectant against strong UV rays to avoid a change of color.