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20.90 EUR
Air.Port Pro by Beautyblender, Pouch + Protect The perfect travel accessory for your beautyblender®! A vented mesh bag that travels from airport to airport with you to dry and store beautyblender®. Includes a clip to attach air.port to other bags, makeup kits, belts and more, as well as a beautyblender® charm to keep it fun. Handcrafted in the USA.  
23.90 EUR
Luxie Pink Brush Cup Holder A chic and compact faux leather brush holder for the makeup lover on the go!   *Brushes Not Included
4.75 EUR
Makeup Blender Holder Storage Case Kotelo meikkisieniille 7*5cm
3.71 EUR
Aden Cosmetic Twin Sharpener Terittaja, 2 suurusta, musta   High quality dual-sharpener that sharpens slim and jumbo pencils to precise perfection. Cleaning tool included.  
3.71 EUR
Ripsipintaharja, 14 cm
14.16 EUR
Maange Leather Cosmetic Brush Holder Length 17,5cm Diameter 6,6cm
23.75 EUR
Black  Leather Makeup Brush Bag
Comb Brush Holder
3.50 EUR
Barbara Hofmann Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener Double hole cosmetic pencil sharpener with cover.
7.60 EUR
Karaja Double Sharpener
20.81 EUR
Maange Brush Holder for 26 Brushes, Black Protects the shape of your cosmetic brushes after washing. Eliminate cluttered counter tops by organizing brushes neatly while they dry. Tower is collapsible for easy storage.
14.20 EUR
Blendercleanser Liquid Nestesaippua beautyblender® -meikkisienen puhdistamiseen.
2.66 EUR
Sassi Pencil Sharpener, 2 Pcs
3.71 EUR
Eyelash Brush, 15cm
6.65 EUR
Karaja Eyelash Curler
630.00 EUR
Karaja Italy Profesional pehmeä meikkilaukku tuoteilla Sisällä: Tester Fluid & fix N° 7 Tester Crystal gloss N° 16-17 Tester Perfect Eyeliner N° 1 Tester Topliner   Tester Coal Black Kajal   Tester Eyebrow Pencil  N° 1-2-4 Tester Eye Fly Soft Eyeliner N° 4-8-9-10 Tester Glitter Chic  N° 3-4-5 Tester Double Concealer Pen   Tester Stop Shine N° 1-2-5-6 Tester Cover Excel N° 1-2-4-5-6 Tester Lash Design Mascara N° 1 Tester Lash lift express mascara N° 1 Tester Tone on Tone N° 2 Tester Perfect Lip liner  N° 1-9-10-11-12-13 Tester Stop Line N° 2 Tester perfect nude N° 5 Tester Rouge Cream N° 85-87-90-94-01C-04C Tester Perfect Eye Shadow Primer   Tester Skin Velvet N° 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 Tester Photo Finish N° 10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90 Tester Plaisir N° 1 Tester Skinflash   Latex Sponge       Paletta    Gold & Bronze N° 9-18-19-20-25-60     Paletta    Touche Pastel  N° 3-5-9 Color Emotion  N° 9-10-11 Eye & Brow Basic N°1     Palette    Cream Velvet Concealer N° 1-2-3-4-5 Voil
2.50 EUR
Kynän teroitin
13.25 EUR
Blendercleanser Solid Blendercleanser® solid supports the integrity of the blender as well as removes excess residue and germs for a clean makeup application. Comes with a custom grid that allows for drying of beautyblender® and scrubbing of brushes.
3.42 EUR
Barbara Hofmann Terittaja, 2 suurusta, musta

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