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Bravehead kapea hiusvärin sivellin    
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Bravehead leveä hiusvärien sivellin    
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Kampalla värin pensseli, musta, Bravehead    
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Tints of Nature Mixing Set Contains bowl, brush and measuring jug
6.18 EUR
Silicone Hair Tinting Brushes, 6Pcs Advatages comparing with traditional bristle brushes: Faster application, closer to sculp for percise highlighting, less overlap, up to 1/2 color cream savings, no residual contamination, fast and easy cleanup, long-lasting.      
3.88 EUR
Goldwell Angled Color Brush    
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Goldwell Medium Color Brush    
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Goldwell Large Color Brush      
BraveHead DeLuxe Hair Color Brush    
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BraveHead Deluxe Dye Brush With Comb
3.90 EUR
Balayage coloring paddle Create sun-kissed, natural-looking highlights using this coloring paddle.
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Bravehead Silicone Hiusvärin Sivellin    
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Affinage b:RED hiusvärien sivellin
1.15 EUR
Angel Hair Coloring Brush    

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