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Ceriotti On Ionic Hand Dryer Power 2500W Unique hand dryer with 2500W power, but consumes 50% less - 1250W, thus providing energy savings of 50%. Long Life engine. Weight 450 gr. Air flow of 77,5 m3/h. Air speed 37,8 m/s.
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Ceriotti Bi Hairdryer Black Shock-proof hair dryer 2200W Bi™ is equipped with the patented technology Tryosystem™, developed and deposited by Ceriotti, a unique series of features that make the hairdryer 1) more powerful and efficient than ever before, with +25% airflow and over 2000h of lifespan 2) resistant to shocks and accidental falls 3) self-cleaning, preventing the impurities to penetrate inside the dryer These features ensure a consistant reduction in the claims generated by the hairdryer, resulting in a higher durability for the product, in a reduced need for assistance/maintenance and in a reduced cost for the hairdresser and for the wholesaler as well. Power: 1900 - 2200W Motor: silent long life AC Cold shot 2 speed, 4 temperatures Weight: 425 gr 3m cable   Ion generator:      YES Power:      2500 W Cord length:      3 m
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Ceriotti Wanted Solution Hand Dryer Colour: Black - Filter inbox - Power 1750 - 2000 W - Long life motor - Weight 460g - Air Capacity 75 m3/h - 2 speed, 4 temp. - Ergoniomic Grip - True Cold Shot
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Ceriotti Go-Up Ionic Blowdryer - power 2500 W - life time hour 2000 - weight 460g - air capacity 83m3/h - 2 speed, 4 temp. - ergonomic grip - true cold shot - filter inox - ionic system
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Ceriotti DJ 4200 Hairdryer - Filter inox - Power 1875 - 2500 W - Long life motor AC - Weight 460g - Air capacity 75 - 95 m3/h - 2 speed, 4 temp. - ergonomic grip - true cold shot
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CeraPro2000-Ion Hairdryer Hairdryer with powerful AC Motor.  Output:- 1100 liters of air/minute (68 m³/h)
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Parlux Advance Light Ionic And Ceramic Dryer Introducing the all new Parlux Advance Light. Innovative, technologically advanced and "futuristic". Equipped with the newest and latest K-Advance® motor for superior performance. Now with 2200 watts of drying power and a longer lifespan of 2500 hours of "guaranteed" operation. It has the Ceramic and Ionic Technology, which is essential for healthy, static-free hair.   Reducing the weight of all the components, an exceptionally light hairdryer was created and at the same time it result more silent. It has the "anti-heating" front body to keep a low temperature in the front body of hair dryer. Thanks to the several tests carried out at the best hair-salons, the Parlux designers have pointed out two “soft” switches, more comfortable for hairdresser. Use of highly recyclable materials - built-in silencer which greatly reduces of the "noise" – very fast drying to energy saving.
Parlux 385 Power Light The 385 Power Light is the newest addition to the Parlux family. Like its big brother, the 3800, it holds the powerful K-Lamination® motor as well as using ceramic ion technology and a built-in silencer. Being only 480 grams it is by far the most powerful model for its weight. Thanks to the variety of colors the 385 gives you the possibility to add a personal touch to your work. Made from recycled materials. Benefits: - Very Powerful for its weight - Eco friendly Output: 1300 liters of air/minute Features: - 2150 Watt - 2 Speed Settings - 4 Temperature Settings - Instant cold shot button - K-Lamination motor (+2000 hours) - Ceramic/Ionic technology - Built-in silencer Weight: 480 g Cord: 3 meter Included: - 2 nozzles  
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Cera Ultralight Professional Hair Dryer CeraUltralight is a professional hair dryer that is as suitable for home use as it is at the salon.  2000 Watt 220 - 240V Instant cool shot button . DC motor. 2x nozzles are infcluded. 1100 liters of air per minute. Weighs only 330g. 4 different heat settings and 2 different speed settings. 3 meters cord.  
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Parlux 3200 Compact Professional Hair Dryer: Parlux, Italian trademark synonym of seriousness and quality in the production of professional tools for hairdressers for over 32 years, very well-known and appreciated in the domestic and International hair world. Parlux hairdryers are distributed in more than 60 countries in the world, and has reached the significant record of 16 millions of hairdryers produced during the years. Parlux 3200 Compact Hairdryers are lightweight, powerful and quiet! They are equipped with a high performace 2000+ hour, energy-efficient motor which outlasts the competition 5 to 1. Parlux technology combines high heat with a powerful airflow which work together to speed up the drying time and so minimizes potential heat damage. Each Parlux hair dryer is fitted with a durable chrome-nickel heating element and an electronically balanced fan which churns out 69 cubic meters of airflow / hour. In addition, they have an easy to remove stainless steel filter, so that your can always keep your dryer clean! Ceramic Technology: Ceramic is a non-metallic material that is durable, smooth and retains and distributes heat efficiently. It is a natural source of negative ions and also radiates far infrared heat Ion Generator: A micro-chip is embedded in the mechanics of the appliance and emits a continuous stream of negative ions. Features     1900 watts     69 Cubic meters/ hour for fast drying     Top quality of AC motor     Flow of Negative Ions     Instant cold shot button     2 Speeds / 4 Temperature Settings     2 Switches located at the most rational position     2 Concentrator Nozzles: 1 wide nozzle, 1 narrow nozzle     Well balanced, ergonomic handle     Lightweight dryer that is hot, powerful and easy to handle     2,7 Meters of strong cable     6 Months Limited Warranty     Made in Italy
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Mini Dryer Turbo kompact styling Baraque 1000W
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ghd Aura Professional Hairdryer GHD:n laadukas hiustenkuivain, joka sopii monenlaisten hiustyylien ja -tyyppien kuivaamiseen ja muotoiluun. Tarkan ja kapean suuttimen ansiosta hiuksista tulee miellyttävän pehmeät ja kauniin kiiltävät. Suutinosa ei kuumene yli 44 asteen lämpötilaan, joten tällä hiustenkuivaimella on mahdollista työskennellä myös lähellä hiuspohjaa. Aura onkin täydellinen hiustenkuivain tuomaan hiusten tyveen kohotusta ja ilmavaa nostatusta. Aura on GHD:n muita hiustenkuivaimia pienempi ja hiljaisempi kuivain. Tuote on lisäksi energiatehokas. Universaali jännite.    
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ghd Air Professional Hair Drying Setit Ghd Air Blow Dryer hiustenkuivaaja ei vain kuivaa hiuksiasi, se käyttää kehittynyttä ionista teknistä ominaisuutta pitääkseen hiusten luonnollisen kosteuden hallinnassa, tarjoten pehmeämmän ja kiiltävämmän lopputuloksen joka kestää pidempään ja halkeilee vähemmän. 2100W moottori on huomattavasti tehokkaampi, kuin tavallisissa hiustenkuivaajissa ja takaa nopeamman tuloksen. Kaksi tehonsäätöä ja neljä lämpötilansäätöä ja 3m pitkä virtajohto. Sisältää: Diffuuseri, Ceramic Vented Radial harjaosa koko 3, kaksi klipsiä ja pehmeä suojaosa.      
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Pro Hair Styler Duo Similar to the standard airstyler but this time with two interchangeable styling brushes of different popular sizes. Benefits: Value for money Technical features »» 180 Watt Attachments »» Styling brush (13 mm) »» Styling brush (19 mm)
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Goldwell Blow Dryer Magic Dry Ergonomic grip, durable stability, controlled powerful airflow, 2000W, 558grm weight, 3m cord & hanging loop    
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Mini Dryer Turbo kompact styling Black 1000W
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GHD Nocturne Travel Hairdryer,Reisiföön ghd flight™ reisiföön ja kaitsev reisiümbris – kaasaskantavuse ja võimsuse parim võimalik kombinatsioon. - ghd juukseid kaitsev tehnoloogia – ghd flight™ lülitub juustele liiga lähedal hoides automaatselt välja, et ennetada ülekuumenemist.  - Eemaldatav otsik täpseks kuivatamiseks.  - Ergonoomiline disain lihtsaks käsitlemiseks.   - 2 kiirust ja kuumust kuivatamise kontrollimiseks.
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ghd Copper Luxe Collection Air Professional Hairdryer Achieve a salon-worthy blow dry with the ghd Air® Professional Hair Dryer; a limited edition dryer with copper luxe accents. Developed with a powerful 2100W motor and patented removable air filter, the hair tool allows a high pressure air flow for faster, easier blow drying in half the time. Its lightweight, ergonomic design features advanced ionic technology to tame frizz and flyaways, creating a sleek, smooth finish every time. Complete with variable power and temperature controls, an extra-long power cable and a cool shot button to keep your locks in place after styling. Features:     ghd Air® Professional Hair Dryer     Powerful 2100W motor     Advanced ionic technology     Variable power and temperature settings     Delivers a salon-style finish in half the time     Ergonomic design for left and right handed users     3m power cable     Cool shot button     Includes concentrator nozzle