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BraveHead Chromed Dryer Holder Chromed dryer holder. Wall - mounted. Diameter 7cm.
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Pacific Shaving Blade Oil Teräöljy Keskivertoihminen käyttää keskimäärin 70 höylää vuodessa.  Älä ole keskiverto. Arvaa mitä? Itse parranajo ei aiheuta tylsää terää, itseasiassa se 24 tuntia höyläysten välissä tekee terästä tylsemmän kuin itse  parranajaminen. Ilmalle altistuminen (hapettuminen) syövyttää terää nopeasti, johtaen rosoiseen reunaan ja lopulta nirhamiin ja haavoihin. Teräöljyn on todistettu kasvattavan terän elinikää 95%. Näin säästät rahaa ja säästät luontoa. Käyttö: Parranajon jälkeen, pyyhi terä puhtaaseen pyyhkeeseen, lisää ohut kerros Blade oil teräöljyä suoraan terien päälle. Älä pyyhi pois. Säilytä höylää normaalisti. Ei eläinkokeita Vegaaninen
Heat protection cap   Heat protection cap with non-slip surface. Protection up to 300C.
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CeraPro2000-Ion Hairdryer Hairdryer with powerful AC Motor.  Output:- 1100 liters of air/minute (68 m³/h)
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Parlux Advance Light Ionic And Ceramic Dryer Introducing the all new Parlux Advance Light. Innovative, technologically advanced and "futuristic". Equipped with the newest and latest K-Advance® motor for superior performance. Now with 2200 watts of drying power and a longer lifespan of 2500 hours of "guaranteed" operation. It has the Ceramic and Ionic Technology, which is essential for healthy, static-free hair.   Reducing the weight of all the components, an exceptionally light hairdryer was created and at the same time it result more silent. It has the "anti-heating" front body to keep a low temperature in the front body of hair dryer. Thanks to the several tests carried out at the best hair-salons, the Parlux designers have pointed out two “soft” switches, more comfortable for hairdresser. Use of highly recyclable materials - built-in silencer which greatly reduces of the "noise" – very fast drying to energy saving.
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JRL Professional FreshFade Comb Attatchment Blade for JRL trimmer.
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Eagle Fortress Electric Color Mixer Save time Save cream Fully mix the color so that it can reach greater outcome of coloring Making less noisier including 4 pieces of tinting bowls (400ml), 4 pieces of tinting brushes, 1 piece of cap, 1 piece of adapter This electronic mixer is specially designed for professional hairdresser and increases hairdressers' efficiency. And it could be cleaned easily without taking much time. Please note that this version is rechargeable. Hairdresser can move and use it without cable when it is fully charged.
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Bravehead Straightening Brush Electric hair straightening brush. Electric hair straightening brush is a perfect tool for domestic hair styling solutions. Easy and comfortable to use - results in soft and silky hair. Just a few strokes and your hair will look straighter and frizz-free. - for all hair types - ION Technology guarantees frizz free hair - fast heatup up to 210 °C - ceramic heat element - adjustable temperature - precise temperature adjustment 160°C - 210°C - On/Off system - cable length 2,5 m
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Ceriotti Go-Up Ionic Blowdryer - power 2500 W - life time hour 2000 - weight 460g - air capacity 83m3/h - 2 speed, 4 temp. - ergonomic grip - true cold shot - filter inox - ionic system
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CeraHolder Adjustable Holder For Hot Styling Tools If you have no good place for hot styling tools a holder like this can be a great money saver. This adjustable holder can change its size to accommodate tools of many different sizes, up to two at a time. Place it flat on a table with the suction cups or mount it on a wall with the screw holes on the underside of the foot.
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BraveHead Tornado Chrome Hair Dryer Holder
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Cera Ultralight Professional Hair Dryer CeraUltralight is a professional hair dryer that is as suitable for home use as it is at the salon.  2000 Watt 220 - 240V Instant cool shot button . DC motor. 2x nozzles are infcluded. 1100 liters of air per minute. Weighs only 330g. 4 different heat settings and 2 different speed settings. 3 meters cord.  
Parlux 385 Power Light The 385 Power Light is the newest addition to the Parlux family. Like its big brother, the 3800, it holds the powerful K-Lamination® motor as well as using ceramic ion technology and a built-in silencer. Being only 480 grams it is by far the most powerful model for its weight. Thanks to the variety of colors the 385 gives you the possibility to add a personal touch to your work. Made from recycled materials. Benefits: - Very Powerful for its weight - Eco friendly Output: 1300 liters of air/minute Features: - 2150 Watt - 2 Speed Settings - 4 Temperature Settings - Instant cold shot button - K-Lamination motor (+2000 hours) - Ceramic/Ionic technology - Built-in silencer Weight: 480 g Cord: 3 meter Included: - 2 nozzles  
Oster Blade Lube Premium Clipper Oil Premium lubricating oil is designed for professional use as a non-detergent oil meeting FDA purity standards. Ideal for all clippers and blades. Regular use will significantly prolong clipper and blade life. OILING UNIT: Oil unit periodaically. Add only one drop of Oster Oil. TOO MUCH OIL WILL DAMAGE THE CLIPPER. STEP ONE: If your clipper is equipped with an oil port on the side of the unit, apply only one drop of oil into port to lubricate the drive shaft. OILING BLADES: STEP TWO: Clean blades regularly using a clean cloth and blade brush included with clipper. STEP THREE: Place ONE DROP of oil on upper rail where the two blades make contact. STEP FOUR: Place ONE DROP of oil on lower rail. Replace blades on clipper and apply two drops of oil across blades and wipe off exess oil with clean cloth.
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Ceriotti On Ionic Hand Dryer Power 2500W Unique hand dryer with 2500W power, but consumes 50% less - 1250W, thus providing energy savings of 50%. Long Life engine. Weight 450 gr. Air flow of 77,5 m3/h. Air speed 37,8 m/s.
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Ceriotti Bi Hairdryer Black Shock-proof hair dryer 2200W Bi™ is equipped with the patented technology Tryosystem™, developed and deposited by Ceriotti, a unique series of features that make the hairdryer 1) more powerful and efficient than ever before, with +25% airflow and over 2000h of lifespan 2) resistant to shocks and accidental falls 3) self-cleaning, preventing the impurities to penetrate inside the dryer These features ensure a consistant reduction in the claims generated by the hairdryer, resulting in a higher durability for the product, in a reduced need for assistance/maintenance and in a reduced cost for the hairdresser and for the wholesaler as well. Power: 1900 - 2200W Motor: silent long life AC Cold shot 2 speed, 4 temperatures Weight: 425 gr 3m cable   Ion generator:      YES Power:      2500 W Cord length:      3 m
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Ceriotti Wanted Solution Hand Dryer Colour: Black - Filter inbox - Power 1750 - 2000 W - Long life motor - Weight 460g - Air Capacity 75 m3/h - 2 speed, 4 temp. - Ergoniomic Grip - True Cold Shot
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JRL Fresh Fade Trimmer Blade,Lõikustera JRL Trimmerile
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Goldwell Digital Timer Digital timer
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Digital Timer Necklace 99-min, 99-sec electronic salon timer. Soft touch, loud alarm, hanging strip, ergonomical design. Battery is included
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JRL Fresh Fade Hair Trimmer Benefits: - Powerful - Long Life time - Light weight Blade system: JRL Fresh Fade Trimmer blades Technical features: - Durable Li-ion battery - Running time: 90 minutes - Recharge time: 60 minutes - 3-Speed, 5000 - 6000 SPM Design features: - Weight of 95 g - LED Display Included: - 1x Stainless steel JRL Trimmer blade, 0 - 1 mm - 2 slide on attachment combs (2-3 mm, 4-5 mm) - Charging stand - Cleaning brush   - Lubricating oil
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JRL Fresh Fade 1040 Hair Trimmer Benefits: - Stay-Cool Technology - Self-Sharpening Titanium Blades - Smart-Clip Technology - Quiet running Blade system: JRL Fresh Fade Clipper blades Technical features: - High capasity ION battery - Running time: 300 minutes - Recharge time: 180 minutes - 5-Speed, 5000-7000 SPM Design features: - Weight of 230 g Included: - 1x self-sharpening Titanium JRL clipper blade, 1 mm  - 2 slide on attachment combs (3-6 mm, 9-12 mm) - Charging stand - Cleaning brush   - Lubricating oil  
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Cera Pro DC Hairdryer Hiustenkuivaaja KUVAUS Edut: - ION-tekniikka - Johnson moottori lähtö: - 1417 litraa ilmaa minuutissa (84 m³ / h) Ominaisuudet: - 2000 W - 2 nopeusasetusta - 2 lämpötila-asetusta - Intstant Cold Shot -painike Paino: 390 g Johto: 3 metriä Mukana:   - 2 suutinta
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Selfie Light LED Selfie ring light for Your smartphone (CLIP-ON). Take the perfect selfies or quick makeup touch-ups with your phone camera anywhere, anytime with the Selfie Ring light. Suitable for all smartphones: iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG and other devices (laptop, iPad etc) 3 levels of light intensity (dimmer) color: white color temperature: 5000K-7000K   Uses 2AAA batteries (not included)
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JRL Phantom 3700 Hairdryer JRL Phantom 3700 is a compact but powerful dryer, ideal for swift and effective moments. Benefits: - Compact with ergonomic handle Output: - 1417 liters of air/minute (85 m³/h) Features: - 1900 Watt - 2 Speed Settings - 3 Temperature Settings - Intstant Cold Shot Button - Lightweight motor - Tourmalin-ceramic technolgy Weight: 500 g Cord: 3,5 meter Included:   - 2 nozzles
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JRL Fresh Fade Clipper Blade Blade for JRL clipper.
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Diamond Series A04  Pocket Digital Scale • Max weight: 100g, Min weight: 0.01g. • LCD back light display.   • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries. Not includes batteries
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Cera Straightener Wide  Kelluvilla levyillä keraaminen suoristusrauta. - lämpötila 130-230°C - automaattinen virrankatkaisu 60 minuutin kuluttua  - kuumenee 15 sekunnissa - digitaalisesti säädettävä    - levyjen koko 37x89 mm
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Cera Ceramic Micro Curling Iron Ammattilaatuisella kiharruspuikkolla luot supertrendikkäät, tiukkaakin tiukemmat kiharat. Cera Microcurlerin avulla saat vaivattomasti supertiukat kiharat ja kauniin kiiltävän kampauksen. Keraamisesti pinnoitettu + turmaliini kiharruspuikko, halkaisija 10 mm. Lämpötila 90-210 °C. Kuumentumaton kärkiosa. Pyörivä johto 3,0 m. Paino 170g. Takuu 12 kk.
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Oster MX Pro W Adjustable Magnetic Motor Clipper The Oster MX Pro is a multi-purpose high speed adjustable blade clipper ideal for aspiring barbers and stylists with light to medium clipper usage. The powerful dual magnetic motor provides 6000 cutting strokes per minute and is strong enough to cut through wet or dry hair. The easily adjustable blade adjusts from 000 to 1, making it ideal for cutting hair to a variety of lengths and styles. Benefits:  Adjustable blade  Contoured, ergonomic design Blade system: Oster MX Pro System Technical features:  Powerful, dual magnetic motor  6000 cutting strokes per minute  Adjustable blade size 0,5 - 2,4 mm (000-1) Design features: Weight of 450 g 2,4 meter cord Included:  Oster MX Pro Adjustable blade  4 attachable distance combs (3-12mm)  Lubricating oil  Cleaning brush  Blade guard     
BioSilk Titanium Curling Irons BioSilk Titanium Professional Curling Iron combines the power of ceramic and titanium elements for the smoothest styling glide. The titanium barrel heats quickly and evenly while retaining even heat distribution. Titanium is high in strength and low in density allowing for a lightweight, scratch-resistant tool. Titanium produces incredible shine while sealing the hair cuticle and locking out humidity, creating silky, bouncy, long-lasting curls with incredible shine. Features: 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, ja 38mm ¾”, 1”, 1¼”, & 1 ½” Titanium barrels Max temperature of 410˚F/210˚C Illuminated temperature display Preset temperature settings 1 hour auto shut-off Dual voltage.
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Cera Crimpstyler Slim  The Cera Crimpstyler Slim instantly creates shiny, perfectly defined, long lasting texture in the hair. - Ceramic Heater - No Technique Required - Adjustable temperature - Digital display
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Cera IR Straightener Ceramic infrared straightening iron. Cera IR Straightener leaves your hair straight, beautiful and glossy. The infrared rays lock in your hairs natural moisture. It makes the styling more effective and results in a shiny healthy hair. - Floating plates, one in aluninium and one in chrome - PTC heater for fast heat up and stable temperature - Adjustable temperature, 160-230 C - Auto shut-off ca 60 minutes -2,5 meter rotating cord - FND Display
229.00 EUR
Loreal SteamPod 3.0 Höyrymuotoilurauta Tehokas ja hellä hiuksille höyryn avulla. Loistava ja pitkäkestoinen suoristus kaikille hiustyypeille. Vesisäiliö on kiinni raudanssa ja siihen käytetään hanavettä (suomessa hanavesi käy) Voit käyttää suurempia osioita muotoilussa, sillä höryn ansiosta paksutkin osiot silottuvat.  Vähentää vaurioita hiuksissa jopa 75% vs tavallinen suoristusrauta.  Saat myös miedommalla lämmöllä aikaan hyvän suoristuksen.  Teet raudalla myös hiuksiin laineet tai loivat kiharat.   Raudassa on mukana kampa, jonka ansiosta et tarvitse toiseen käteen kampaa suoristaessasi! Kamman saa irti, silloin kun teet esim kiharoita. Älykäs lämmönsäätely takaa jatkuvan ja tasaisen lämmön.    Käytä yhdessä L'Oréal Professionnel Steam Pod seerumin ja voiteen kanssa.
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UKI Tourmaline Wavemaster Curling Iron M 27mm / 14mm
Mini Flat Iron   This super-compact flat iron is only 15 cm long. It offers ceramic tile with size 60 x 12 mm.     On/Off-button and indicator.     Maximum temperature: 220°C.     Light weight and ergonomic design.     Colour: Pink.     1 years guarantee.  
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Diffuser, Universal This professional air diffuser is carefully manufactured in top quality materials to guarantee long life. The attatchment is designed to fit onto all commercially available hair dryers.
CeraCurly Professional Curling Iron The CeraCurly will help you create long lasting, frizz-free, playful texture every time you style. Whether you're after tightly wound ringlets, fresh beachy waves or simply adding definition and perfection to already natural curls, the Curly is the tool to use. Ceramic heater for fast heat up and stable temperature Adjustable temperature, 80-210C Heat protected tip to ease a two handed grip 3 meter rotating cord LCD Display      
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NEW CeraBullet Ceramic Bullet Shaped Straightening Iron Those who like to go right to the roots when styling their hair will find the Bullet’s slimline design ideal. This uniquely shaped barrel is also good for curling. Hair wraps round the arched barrel easily and the resulting curls are well rounded and natural looking. - Adjustable temperature from 120 to 230°C. - Auto shut off after 60 min for energy saving. - Ceramic heater for fast heat up in 15 seconds and stable temperature. - Digital heat settings. - Dimensions: 23x115 mm. - Light 210 g. - Professional tangle free 3 m swivel cord.
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CeraStraightener, Ceramic Straightening Iron - floating ceramic plates - ceramic heater for fast heat up and stable temperature - adjustable temperature, 120-230C - memory button - 2,5 meter swivel cord - auto shut-off after ca 30 minutes - LCD display
Magnifying Glass with LED Light Two hands can be used! With two led lamps, bracket and headband is interchangeable. Easily used for reading books and newspapers, nail artists, eyelash, drawing pictures, handicrafts, appreciating flowers and miniature landscape.  This maginifier is attatched with five elongated lens that can change magnification. Five kinds of multiples: 1-3,5. Open LED lighting source in poor light. It is advisable to adjust lens angle and LED light irradiation andle to ensure that light source can irradiate the surface of viewed object accurately and make it more convenient to use. If you need to use this magnifier for long time, it is advise to change bracket into headband state, which can make work comfortable.
7.20 EUR
Head Replaceable Lens Loupe Magnifier Magnify Glass, 1.6x 2.0x 2.5x 3.5x This is a very practical Magnifier in life, which is designed especially for extra sharpness and clarity. It can enlarge fine print in jewelry, maps, newspapers, directories, legal documents, coins, stamps and antiques etc. when you don’t use it currently, the lens can be retracted in shell. For the design, it is so compact and lightweight that it can be easily put into your pocket wherever you go. To have the Magnifier and magnify your world! Features: Brand new and high quality. Quality lens for extra sharpness and clarity. You can get an extremely close view of the tiniest details. Lens loupe made of optical glass. Inspect object at 1.6x,2.0x,2.5x,3.5x times power. It can be quite easily used under the following conditions: Interesting work such as carving, handcraft and sewing.Assemble or repair small fitting. You can also use this product even if you wear glasses. With readings, it can precisely read the actual size of a small article. Specifications: Lens diameter: 8.5cm x 2.4cm. Magnification: 1.6 x,2.0 x ,2.5x ,3.5x Magnifier. Dimensions: 23cm x 14.8cm. Color: Black. Lens Quantity: 4. Package Included: 1 x Head-wearing Free Loupe Magnifier 4 x Lens
Mini Hair Straightener, 12 V Car plug ON-OFF switch, 12 V, 18 W
60.00 EUR
JRL FreshFade 1010 Trimmer,Juuksetrimmer Võimas ja kerge trimmer.  - 1 kiirusaste, 5000 SPM - Li-Ion aku - LED displei - tööaeg: 90 minutit - laadimisaeg: 120 minutit - kaal 95 g - komplektis: 2 plastiktalda (2-3 mm, 4-5 mm)
109.90 EUR
JRL Professional Hair Clipper - Stay-Cool Technology - Self-Sharpening Titanium Blades - Smart-Clip Technology - Quiet running Blade system: JRL Fresh Fade Clipper blades Technical features: - High capasity ION battery - Running time: 300 minutes - Recharge time: 210 minutes - 5-Speed, 7200 SPM Design features: - Weight of 230 g Included: - 1x self-sharpening Titanium blade - 2 slide on attachment combs (3-6 mm, 9-12 mm) - Charging stand - Cleaning brush - Lubricating oil
6.18 EUR
Mini Led Fun 32 different light effects. Works with three AAA batteries, batteries not included.
99.00 EUR
CHI Deep Brilliance 1" Black Titanium Hairstyling Iron Create brilliantly polished, smooth, and sleek hairstyles with this 1” hairstyling iron featuring Black Titanium plates. Black Titanium plates heat quickly, more evenly, retain heat better and reach a maximum temperature of up to 450°F. Adjustable temperature settings allow for customized styling for fine to highly-textured hair. The smooth gliding plates straighten hair in fewer passes, allowing for faster styling. • 1” Black Titanium Plates • Max temperature of up to 450°F • LED Temperature Display • 1 hour auto shut-off

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