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Karaja Perfect Touch Lip Primer Perfect Touch Lip makes it easier to put the lipstick on and creates a long lasting effect. The primer makes the surface of the lips smoother and masking minor lines and bumps in the lip. Apply a small amount of the product before applying your lipstick. Wait a few seconds for it to dry.
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Australian Gold Niisutav huulepalsam SPF 30 Australian Goldin huulivoide antaa huulillesi suojaa, estää niitä kuivumasta ja hoitaa palaneita huulia.     Sisältää suojaavaa Vitamin E:tä     Aloe Vera antaa luonnollisen pehmeyden ja parantaa huulien hyvinvointia     Käytännöllinen taskukoko     Kermaisen appelsiinin ja mintun makuinen            
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Lemon Cosmetics Lip Balm Nourishing and 100% weatherproof natural Lip Balm, suitable for use by the whole family. Lip Balm does not contain preservatives, chemicals and animal compounds,   synthetic odors or colorants. The product has not been tested on animals.
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Karaja Lip Repair Lip Balm This rich consistency protects carefully your lips and lets them to look young and beautiful. Instant help for dry and cracked lips. Also, helps to cope with nasty weather conditions. Contains E-vitamin and Ceramide oil. Could also be used underneath the lipstick, but let this product to dry first before applying the former.