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NEW Aden kosteuttava huulikiilto Kosteuttava huulikiilto joka lisää kestävää kiiltoa. Saatavana eri väreissä.  
Karaja Luxury Palette For cheeks, lips and eyes. 4 eyeshadows, 2 blushers/highlighters, 4 lip colours including 2 creamy lipsticks, 1 matt lipstick and 1 lipgloss.
Karaja Wonder & Fix Lip Colour
Karaja French Kiss Lipgloss An enveloping lipgloss with a hint of colour and shine for soft, smooth and luscious lips just waiting to be kissed. With a uniquely sweet and refreshing flavour. Dermatologically tested.
Aden Tint vesi-pohjainen huulet ja posket  
Karaja Colour Mix Lipstick Pencil + Lip gloss Outline and colour your lips with a single gesture. The perfect alternative to lipstick, thanks to ingredients that guarantee softness, suppleness, smoothness and excellent cover. The creamy pencil fills and outlines lips to perfection, while the shiny gloss guarantees a lush luminous pout. These two products can be used individually or together to get exactly the right shade and look.   Practical application. Various effects.
Karaja Crystal Gloss Lipgloss Absolute radiance and volume effect for natural, fantastically soft and ultra glossy lips. Ultra-soft texture. A fluid lip gloss that let’s you build up colour. Comes with a professional brush for application on top of lipsticks for extra gloss. Easy to apply, for shiny, non-greasy lips.   PROPERTIES Ultra-shine visual effect. Film: very comfortable, not heavy and not sticky.     CRYSTAL GLOSS VOLUME  MAXI VOLUME LIP GLOSS - REF. 29 - 1 COLOUR WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT Crystal Gloss Volume instantly adds visible volume to your lips, reduces fine lines and guarantees natural moisture. An incredible fresh sensation thanks to menthol.  An incredibly comfortable innovative gloss formulation produces a mirror effect and maxi final volume that lasts for hours.   PROPERTIES Volume effect.  Fresh sensation thanks to menthol.  Guaranteed luminosity and shine thanks to shiny polymers.   With Vitamin E for anti-oxidant action.
Karaja Fluid & Fix Lip Fluid A revolutionary lip fluid that combines easy application with long-lasting colour The colour adheres gently to the skin, forming a thin Lexible film that follows the movements of the lips   Long-lasting
Karaja Sweet Elixir Lip Gloss Lip Volumizer with Cushion-Effect Technology.   Fuller, irresistible lips thanks to a soothing creamy lip gloss that combines the magical olfactory properties of citrus fruit and an enjoyable delicious, intimate sweet flavour.   Shapes and perfects the structure of the lips, increasing their volume, curve, softness and moisture levels. Its scientifically proven anti-age action imitates the effect of Hyaluronic Acid injections thanks to a mix of plant extracts (Portulaca Pilosa + Vit. E) and a new patented active principle (Volulip®).     Clinical trials have proved that, with application twice a day for one month, this special formula effectively stimulates collagen and elastin in the derma and doubles the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid, thus visibly improving the structure of the lips.