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Karaja Matli, Long-Lasting Matt Lip Crayon This fantastic creamy matt lipstick in a crayon format gently glides onto your lips, providing intense color and full coverage. Its waterproof and extra long-lasting formulation is quaranteed not to bleed or to dry your lips. Dermatologically tested. Close cap well after use.
PaintGlow UV Lipstick These stunning 14g UV reactive lipsticks have a smooth and creamy texture, are easy to apply and last for hours. They are available in 6 vibrant neon colours that glow brilliantly under UV lighting. The colours available are UV Neon Pink, UV Neon Red, UV Neon Orange, UV Neon Blue, UV Neon Yellow and UV Neon Green. Adding to the ever popular PaintGlow range of UV products, these UV lipsticks are certain to be a guaranteed top seller having been eagerly anticipated over the last few months. UV Lipsticks in various colours     Neon pink     Neon red     Neon orange     Neon blue     Neon yellow     Neon green  
Karaja Sensual Shine Lipstick Lush, luminous lipstick.  Waterproof, long lasting, glossy. Soft and creamy it melts onto the lips with a velvety caress, giving a unique sensory expreience and unbeatable comfort. Close cap well after use.
Karaja Luxury Palette For cheeks, lips and eyes. 4 eyeshadows, 2 blushers/highlighters, 4 lip colours including 2 creamy lipsticks, 1 matt lipstick and 1 lipgloss.
Karaja Matt Contour & Fill Lipstick Ultra matt soft and comfortable lipstick. Outlines, shades and perfects lip contours while covering the lips with pure colour.
Karaja Twin Shine Duo Lipstick
Karaja Twin Matt Duo Lipstick Immerse your lips in a creamy and perfectly matt colour. Two colours in one lipstick, perfect for individual use or layered to create a third shade. With anti-oxidant properties.
Make-Up Studio Lipstick
Karaja Satini, Ultra Longwear Satin Lipstick Ultra long wear satin lipstick. Perfect coverage and adhesion for an intense color effect. As comfortable as a lip balm with special ceramide-like-containing amino acids and phytosterols. Moisturizes and protects the lips.
Karaja Rouge Cream Lipstick A lovely and voluptuous lipstick that gently glides on your lips, giving them endless softness and enhancing them with sensual shades.
Eulenspiegel Lipstick
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Eulenspiegel UV Lipstick, Neon-Yellow
Aden Huulipuna    
Aden Nestemäinen huulipuna Aden Liquid Lipstick, Long-lasting effect    
Karaja Matt Effect Lip Color
Karaja Lip Studio Lipstick With Brush Specifically designed to provide the perfect balance between staying power and comfort, Lip Studio combines an amazingly long lasting texture and soothing, protecting active principles, Apricot oil and Fig extract. The brush in the pack lets you define the contour of the lips and shape your lips with extreme precision and no risk of bleeding. Just one stroke of the applicator and your lips will be filled with intense colour!   MAKE-UP RESULT: luscious, sensual lips that will not go unnoticed!   Close pot tightly after use.
ROUGE COMFORT creamy ultra comfy lipstik
Karaja Rouge Mat Lipstick
Aden Professional Liquid Lipstick,Huulepulk
25.00 EUR
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