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NEW Aden kosteuttava huulikiilto Kosteuttava huulikiilto joka lisää kestävää kiiltoa. Saatavana eri väreissä.  
Karaja Luxury Palette For cheeks, lips and eyes. 4 eyeshadows, 2 blushers/highlighters, 4 lip colours including 2 creamy lipsticks, 1 matt lipstick and 1 lipgloss.
Karaja Sensual Shine Lipstick Lush, luminous lipstick.  Waterproof, long lasting, glossy. Soft and creamy it melts onto the lips with a velvety caress, giving a unique sensory expreience and unbeatable comfort. Close cap well after use.
Karaja Wonder & Fix Lip Colour
PaintGlow UV Lipstick These stunning 14g UV reactive lipsticks have a smooth and creamy texture, are easy to apply and last for hours. They are available in 6 vibrant neon colours that glow brilliantly under UV lighting. The colours available are UV Neon Pink, UV Neon Red, UV Neon Orange, UV Neon Blue, UV Neon Yellow and UV Neon Green. Adding to the ever popular PaintGlow range of UV products, these UV lipsticks are certain to be a guaranteed top seller having been eagerly anticipated over the last few months. UV Lipsticks in various colours     Neon pink     Neon red     Neon orange     Neon blue     Neon yellow     Neon green  
Karaja French Kiss Lipgloss An enveloping lipgloss with a hint of colour and shine for soft, smooth and luscious lips just waiting to be kissed. With a uniquely sweet and refreshing flavour. Dermatologically tested.
Karaja Matli, Long-Lasting Matt Lip Crayon This fantastic creamy matt lipstick in a crayon format gently glides onto your lips, providing intense color and full coverage. Its waterproof and extra long-lasting formulation is quaranteed not to bleed or to dry your lips. Dermatologically tested. Close cap well after use.
5.95 EUR
Australian Gold Niisutav huulepalsam SPF 30 Australian Goldin huulivoide antaa huulillesi suojaa, estää niitä kuivumasta ja hoitaa palaneita huulia.     Sisältää suojaavaa Vitamin E:tä     Aloe Vera antaa luonnollisen pehmeyden ja parantaa huulien hyvinvointia     Käytännöllinen taskukoko     Kermaisen appelsiinin ja mintun makuinen            
Aden Tint vesi-pohjainen huulet ja posket  
17.00 EUR
Fimage Blush and Lip Rouge Set, 10 Shades
7.00 EUR
Lemon Cosmetics Lip Balm Nourishing and 100% weatherproof natural Lip Balm, suitable for use by the whole family. Lip Balm does not contain preservatives, chemicals and animal compounds,   synthetic odors or colorants. The product has not been tested on animals.
Aden Professional Liquid Lipstick,Huulepulk
Make Up Studio Lip Liner Pencil A wonderful series of high quality lip pencils, available in attractive colours. For a taught, long-lasting lip contour or as a base under lipstick.
Make-Up Studio Lipstick
Karaja Creamy Lip Pencil
Karaja Twin Matt Duo Lipstick Immerse your lips in a creamy and perfectly matt colour. Two colours in one lipstick, perfect for individual use or layered to create a third shade. With anti-oxidant properties.
Karaja Twin Shine Duo Lipstick
Karaja Matt Contour & Fill Lipstick Ultra matt soft and comfortable lipstick. Outlines, shades and perfects lip contours while covering the lips with pure colour.
18.00 EUR
Karaja Perfect Touch Lip Primer Perfect Touch Lip makes it easier to put the lipstick on and creates a long lasting effect. The primer makes the surface of the lips smoother and masking minor lines and bumps in the lip. Apply a small amount of the product before applying your lipstick. Wait a few seconds for it to dry.
Karaja Satini, Ultra Longwear Satin Lipstick Ultra long wear satin lipstick. Perfect coverage and adhesion for an intense color effect. As comfortable as a lip balm with special ceramide-like-containing amino acids and phytosterols. Moisturizes and protects the lips.
Aden Cosmetics, allergiatestattu, vedenpitävä huultenrajauskynä In a classic wood-clenched form, slims are ideal for fine contours on lips. A lipliner gives lips the perfect shape, by contouring the outer or inner border of the lip, maximising or minimising the lips as desired. Hyppoallergenic and waterproof. Unit size: 1,38 gr      
Aden Nestemäinen huulipuna Aden Liquid Lipstick, Long-lasting effect    
Aden Huulipuna    
7.00 EUR
Eulenspiegel UV Lipstick, Neon-Yellow
Eulenspiegel Lipstick
Karaja Perfect Nude Moisturising Lip Pencil State-of-the-art Hi-Tech formula for truly professional performance. Guarantees clear, shiny application - ideal as an contour pencil before applying lip gloss - and rich moisturising perfect for dry, damaged lips.   No less than 60% of its ingredients are precious oils to ensure the wellbeing of your skin and form a moisturis ing barrier that insulates the lips from external aggression: immediate relief for when the skin “pulls”, making it difficult to apply a normal lip pencil to chapped lips.     At last! A lip pencil that perfects and defines the contour of your lips naturally, without creating a heavy outline.
Karaja Stop Line Lip Liner Pencil
Karaja Rouge Cream Lipstick A lovely and voluptuous lipstick that gently glides on your lips, giving them endless softness and enhancing them with sensual shades.
Karaja Rouge Mat Lipstick
ROUGE COMFORT creamy ultra comfy lipstik
Karaja Colour Mix Lipstick Pencil + Lip gloss Outline and colour your lips with a single gesture. The perfect alternative to lipstick, thanks to ingredients that guarantee softness, suppleness, smoothness and excellent cover. The creamy pencil fills and outlines lips to perfection, while the shiny gloss guarantees a lush luminous pout. These two products can be used individually or together to get exactly the right shade and look.   Practical application. Various effects.
Karaja Crystal Gloss Lipgloss Absolute radiance and volume effect for natural, fantastically soft and ultra glossy lips. Ultra-soft texture. A fluid lip gloss that let’s you build up colour. Comes with a professional brush for application on top of lipsticks for extra gloss. Easy to apply, for shiny, non-greasy lips.   PROPERTIES Ultra-shine visual effect. Film: very comfortable, not heavy and not sticky.     CRYSTAL GLOSS VOLUME  MAXI VOLUME LIP GLOSS - REF. 29 - 1 COLOUR WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT Crystal Gloss Volume instantly adds visible volume to your lips, reduces fine lines and guarantees natural moisture. An incredible fresh sensation thanks to menthol.  An incredibly comfortable innovative gloss formulation produces a mirror effect and maxi final volume that lasts for hours.   PROPERTIES Volume effect.  Fresh sensation thanks to menthol.  Guaranteed luminosity and shine thanks to shiny polymers.   With Vitamin E for anti-oxidant action.
Karaja Fluid & Fix Lip Fluid A revolutionary lip fluid that combines easy application with long-lasting colour The colour adheres gently to the skin, forming a thin Lexible film that follows the movements of the lips   Long-lasting
14.00 EUR
Karaja Lip Repair Lip Balm This rich consistency protects carefully your lips and lets them to look young and beautiful. Instant help for dry and cracked lips. Also, helps to cope with nasty weather conditions. Contains E-vitamin and Ceramide oil. Could also be used underneath the lipstick, but let this product to dry first before applying the former.
25.00 EUR
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