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Make Up Studio Eye Primer This lightly coloured primer is the ideal base for any eye make-up. Applying eyeshadow is easier and colours stay put for longer. Contains vitamin E (anti-ageing).
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Aden Mascara Primer Lenghth up +43% and thickness up to 43% after 30 days! Lash Booster prepares the lashes enhancing the performances of the mascara with a dedicated focus on volume and lenght, being also capable to shape and curve the lashes. Enriched with marine and botanical multifunctional complex taking care of thin and weak lashes, working as a treatment to repair and strengthen them, avoiding or reducing damages coming from a tough use of mascara. Contains proteins from native marine collagen and moisturizing honey extracts. Vegetarian formula. Animal derived ingredients free. Paraben free.
Karaja Shanghai Stick 24H, Eyeshadow Stick A high performance stick eyeshadow. Soft and creamy, it can be quickly blended in your eyelids like an eyeshadow and used along the inner rims like a kajal eyeliner. Thanks to its incorporated sharpener, the tip is always perfect, ready to be used as a primer, i.e. as a coloured base before application of powder eyeshadows to intensify their effect and keep them looking fresh, as well as preventing clumping and transfer. Ophthalmologically tested. Close cap well after use.
Karaja Perfect Touch Primer For Powder and Cream Eyeshadow Developed to intensify and maximise the wear of powder and cream eyeshadows, Perfect Touch Primer creates a sebum-absorbing barrier between the skin and your make-up, making it easier to apply eyeshadow and fixing it all day long. Its delicate colour hides small blemishes on the eyelids and brightens the eyes.   The innovative formula contains a special rice powder that leaves the skin feeling soft and silky as well as a special active principle based on Hyaluronic Acid that helps keep wrinkles at bay.  
Collistar Concealer Eye-Primer 3in1 A new creation! corrector and primer in a single product, corrects-fixes-lights -Corrector Its high-coverage texture hides imperfections and shaded areas, wraps the eye contour of natural radiosity -Primer eyes Thin film and perfect adherence fixes make-up and prolongs its duration illuminates and perfects the look.
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Sampar Premium Glamour Shot Eyes For those who want to brighten their gaze. All skin types, colors of dark circles and complexions. For men and women.
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Collistar Eye Primer Long-Lasting Fixer The new Eye Primer Long-lasting Fixer guarantees an absolutely perfect result. This ultra-soft base with its comfortable, sensory touch, is quick to apply, adheres like a second skin and dries in seconds, allowing you to apply eye shadow immediately. When should you use it? Always, because it increases the hold of the eye shadow, smoothes out and reduces imperfections, prevents unsightly ‘creases’ and exalts the colour. Available in one single beige shade suitable for all complexions, it should be applied with the fingertips or a small brush over the whole lid. Try it on its own also to give the eyes a radiant look . The product is ophthalmologically tested.  
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Lily Lolo Eye Primer  Natural and creamy eye primer to help conceal and correct discolouration and dark areas around the eyes while providing the perfect base to apply your eye shadow for extra staying power. Specifically designed to extend the wear of powder eyeshadow, keeping it smooth and crease-free Primes the eyelid ready for eye make-up Dual purpose Buff shade will neutralise discolouration & give a clean eyelid look so that your eye shadow applies true to colour Lemon shade will correct any dark areas while giving the perfect base Can be mixed together Vegan friendly
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Karaja Perfective Eye Shadow Primer THE PRODUCT Prepares eyelid for effortless eye shadow application, filling in lines, pores and imperfections. Helps keep eye makeup from creasing, streaking or fading. Improves colour intensity of powder eye shadow which stays on the skin all day long. Light texture and colourless. Keeps colours true.   USE Perfective Eye Shadow Primer prior to eye shadow application. Apply a thin layer and wait a few minutes for it to dry.   If you also apply foundation cream, you should first apply the Primer and then continue your makeup as usual.

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