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Aden Aden Eyeliner muoviin valettu muodot
Karaja Micro Browliner
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Karaja 7 Stars Eye Pencil
Karaja Luxury Palette For cheeks, lips and eyes. 4 eyeshadows, 2 blushers/highlighters, 4 lip colours including 2 creamy lipsticks, 1 matt lipstick and 1 lipgloss.
Karaja Eye Fusion Eyeshadow Trio Vibrant, silky and long-lasting colours.   Can be used on their own or combined.
Fimage Eyeshadow Palette, 28 Shades
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Fimage Eyeshadow Palette, 15 Shades
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Karaja Studio Liner, Brow And Eyeliner The soft and creamy formula lines and blends around the eye a decisive and opaque stroke, defines and fills the brows precisely. Very resistant formula, lasts hours and hours without smudging. Contains Vitamin E with antioxidant properties.  Close tightly after use. Dermatologically tested.
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Karaja Marbled Eyeliner & Kajal Marbled eye pencil. An extraordinary melange of black and slightly pearlescent white pigments characterise this soft and creamy pencil. The waterproof formula, super longwear and no transfer, glides softly on the skin to leave delicate traces with a silver grey satiny effect.
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Aden Supersizer Mascara Supersizer Mascara is an amazing mascara formulated to thicken and build lash volume for a natural, but voluminous lash look. This mascara truly defines, volumes, curls and separates at the same time, it has a great texture that glides smoothly, assuring a comfortable application. Moreover it colors lashes in very rich dark black colour, giving you the so much dreamed dramatic look. Paraben free.
Aden Silmänrajauskynä Silmänrajauskynä 5. sävyjä. Siinä säädetään heilautuksella ranne, vesitiivis ja gipoallerenny    
Aden Eyeliner muoviin valettu muodossa.
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Karaja Lash Master 3in1 Mascara A 3-in-1 mascara for multiple looks. Dare to create a new look with Lash Mascara Master and experiment with application techniques. An additional volume effect, an intense look and impeccable performance all thanks to the extraordinary Lash Master mascara. This new product combines exquisite texture and a special transformative applicator. Contains Keratin, panthenol and vitamin E and has been tested ophthalmic.
Karaja Talent Trio Watercolor Eye Shadow Delicate, amazingly soft powder for impeccable long lasting results. These eyeshadows can be applied dry or wet for intensified colour or as an eyeliner.
Karaja Celebrity 14H Eyeliner, Waterproof Soft & Resistant Eyeliner. No transfer. Thanks to its outstandingly soft creamy formula, this eye pencil glides over the eyelids just like a liquid eyeliner. Blends imperceptibly into the skin. Lets you smudge it gently before it fixes for lasting results. Dermatologically tested. Close cap well after use.
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Aden Pehmeä rajaussivellin
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Gerard's Magnetic Eyes Mascara, ripsiväri musta Extreme Definition  
Karaja Shanghai Stick 24H, Eyeshadow Stick A high performance stick eyeshadow. Soft and creamy, it can be quickly blended in your eyelids like an eyeshadow and used along the inner rims like a kajal eyeliner. Thanks to its incorporated sharpener, the tip is always perfect, ready to be used as a primer, i.e. as a coloured base before application of powder eyeshadows to intensify their effect and keep them looking fresh, as well as preventing clumping and transfer. Ophthalmologically tested. Close cap well after use.
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Karaja Eye Genius 6, 24H Non-Stop Eyeliner No transfer formula. Waterproof. Eye Genius 24H offers you the confidence of a look that is always fresh and tidy thanks to a patented mix of ingredients with special long-lasting properties. Ultimate stay complex. Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested. Close cap well after use.
Karaja Touch of Magic Mascara and Eye Pencil Panoramic effect mascara: multiplies, enhances and restyles your look in a single sweep. Bag included!        
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Karaja Karajal, Kohl Powder Eyeliner An ultra light powder to intensify your eyes. Exceptionally rich in color, this eyeliner can be used to outline the eyes for a smoky effect or along the inside of the rims in the oriental manner. This powder gains in intensity upon contact with water and the moisture in the eyes for a hypnotic, magnetising look. Ophthalmologically tested. Shake well before use!
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Karaja Wonder Sculpt 9 shade box - spectacular makeup. Supreme harmonious colours to enliven and outline your eyes.
Karaja Aquamatt Matt Watercolour Eyeshadow Can be applied dry, or wet for better, longer-lasting coverage.
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Karaja Eye Contouring Duo A big eye pencil to define and sculpt your gaze splendidly. Two creamy colours that act in synergy: a bright tone to illuminate and dark one to create depth.
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Make Up Studio 4D Mascara A Truly revolutionary mascara makes your eyesbeautiful and outstanding! Thanks to 4D technology gives your eyelashes mascara all taht is needed. Excellent volume,extension.  
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Make Up Studio Ultimate Curl This mascara gives your lashes visible lengthening and volume by just one single layer. Thanks to the special formula your lashes get more volume and the natural curl is enhanced. The mascara is easy to apply and remove.
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Make Up Studio Eyebrow Fix Modeling gel.
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Make Up Studio Eye Primer This lightly coloured primer is the ideal base for any eye make-up. Applying eyeshadow is easier and colours stay put for longer. Contains vitamin E (anti-ageing).
Make Up Studio Eyeshadow Lumiere Refill Refill packaging of Eyeshadow Lumière, an extremely colour intensive and super shiny powder eyeshadow that does not fly away. Suitable for all Make-up Studio boxes with round cutaways. Also available in luxury mono packaging.
Make Up Studio Brow Powder  This hard-baked brow powder with a silky soft refinement enables subtly yet clearly colouring in and shaping brows. Can be used wet or dry.
Make Up Studio Eyebrow Pencil Classic brow pencil for touching up eyebrows.
Make Up Studio Eyeshadow Refill Refill packaging of the compact eyeshadow. The assortment of eyeshadows, which can be applied wet as well as dry, consist of mat and shiny eyeshadows in bright and natural colours. The eyeshadows are very colour intensive thanks to the high pigmentation level and are easy to apply. Also available in luxury mono packaging.
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Make Up Studio Brow Powder Refill, Kulmupuuder Täitetoode Blond
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Eyebrow Brush Use the eyebrow brush to apply Brow Powder. The mink hair provides proper coverage of the brow powder. Hair type: mink hair
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Aden Cosmetics Extra Volume Mascara Waterproof,Veekindel Ripsmetušš Must
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