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Collistar Anti-Age Lifting Foundation An instant ‘young effect’ foundation that guarantees an intense anti-age action, thanks to its precious energizing and anti-age active ingredients, as well as a special tightening agent, which smoothes out the features and fine lines and erases signs of tiredness and stress from the face. Soft and creamy, it glides over the skin and gives a silky flawless appearance to the complexion. Waterproof and with UV filter, it contains innovative microencapsulated pigments which guarantee a bright and natural colour that remains unaltered all through the day.  
Collistar Long-Lasting Matte Foundation Perfect Research and high-tech cosmetics come together in this exclusive foundation that provides •impeccable makeup and record hold •a perfect complexion •a natural and bright matte finish •a smooth face •maximum comfort •a targeted protecting treatment action. A foundation with a fluid, oil-free texture, with a light and velvety touch that also provides perfect coverage, blending into the skin with a totally natural matte effect that smooths and perfects. The complexion is instantly even and radiant, imperfections and fine lines are minimized, pores and the skin's texture appear improved, and, with the help of the rebalancing properties of Red Clover, the face stays silky and matte the whole day long.- Soft-focus effect perfection. The perfecting action is enhanced by the ultra-fine soft-focus powders that •fill and flatten out fine lines •refract light, optically transforming the appearance of the face.- Perfect colour, 'tailor-made' coverage, very long hold. Selected pigments provide natural, even colour. Special elastomers allow you to blend the foundation as you wish to achieve the desired coverage, for tailor-made make-up that lasts all day long without the need for touch-ups.- Super-protected, moisturized skin. To provide an effective treatment action and to protect from free radicals and photo-aging, the formula contains UV filters, vitamin E and lauroyl lysine. Suitable for all skin types, including combination and oily skin.  
Collistar Magica BB The magic of a cream with a light, silky texture, which blends into the face like a second skin and in just one quick gesture ensures: • perfection and uniformity to the complexion • colour and brightness to the face • energy and anti-age action to the skin tissues. It owes its effectiveness to valuable active principles and to Multi-Perfection System™, a brand new complex created by Collistar Researchers, which captures and “shapes” the light, producing an extraordinary effect of perfection and brightness. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. Collistar captures the light thanks to a technological innovation in the field of light reflection and diffusion, named Multi-Perfection System™. This system created by Collistar combinesthrough a precise geometry two different types of micro-particles - spherical and lamellar - which leave the skin flawless and radiant. The addition to the complex of special pigments completes its action, giving the face a completely natural and even colour. ENERGY AND ANTI-AGE ACTION. The three active principles of the Special First Wrinkles Lineenergize, moisturize, protect and preserve the youth the skin. Available in two shades, light-medium and medium-deep, Magica BB has a very special texture that is able to adapt to every type of complexion, creating a totally natural colour effect.
Darphin CC Cream SPF 35  To fulfill the needs of Darphin Institute devotees looking for a quick post-facial beauty fix, Darphin has developed an expert multi-benefit CC Cream. This complete, perfecting skincare solution combines beautifying pigments and light reflective pearls to provide a matte and flawless complexion, while treating the skin and offering broad spectrum UV protection (SPF35) in one easy step. Its exquisite fresh silky texture that melts into the skin upon application is the ideal solution to care of and beautify skin in a wink. Visibly perfected, the complexion is even and smooth, the skin looks naturally radiant for today and the future. The Result Skin is visibly more radiant, hydrated and feels more supple and comfortable; Skin surface is refined, appearance of pores is reduces, lines and wrinkles are smoothed away; Skin is protected from the sun Ethical Engagement Formulated without Parabens. Non-Comedogenic. Dermatologis tested. Clinically-proven efficacy.  
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Karaja BB White Cream, Secret Touch The magic of a white cream that adapts to skin contact with the natural skin tone. The cream provides a fresh, radiant and matte effect, thanks to the microencapsulated pigmenten.De formula results in a dash of color to be easily and perfectly fitted. It contains a precious active ingredient derived from brown seaweed comes from Bretange, a real energy booster that helps to stimulate the celvitaliteit. In vitro studies have shown that the brown alga is responsive to the energy production of cells, so as to promote the formation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. appropriate for all skin types and is available in 2 shades. No. 1 Beige No. 2 Rose
Karaja CC Cream This active brightening cream is fresh and melts on the skin. He adds a touch of color that makes the skin velvety soft and radiant. In a natural snap the skin complexion is smooth and perfect. Moreover, you can count on with this cream a real treat. The formula is enriched with Phyto Complex of Olive Leaves and bearberry., Blotches and uneven skin tone caused by excessive exposure to sunlight fades and homrmonale factors or age. The protective effect is enhanced by the presence of sunscreens and Vitamin E, which acts as antioxidant. The hyaluronic acid ensures hydration. Available in colors: No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5
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Matis Reponse Teint BB Cream, SPF 15 The multi-purpose skin care. This BB Cream is a unifying foundation care. Multifunction, it brings 6 beauty benefits in one step: hydrates, unifies, fixes, enlightens, helps fight against the signs of ageing, protects against UVA and UVB rays thanks to the presence of a 15 SPF. With a UV protection BOTANICAL ALTERNATIVE OF HYALURONIC ACID : this Cassia Angustifolia extract from an Indian plant contains polysaccharides which have the same properties as hyaluronic acid acting on the skin in two ways:     - they form a protecting film that fills in small wrinkles and smoothes fine lines,     - their water retention properties provide an intense hydration to the skin SUNSCREENS (15 SPF) : these filters are chemical and physical complexes which protect the skin against UV rays.            
Matis Reponse Teint Quicklift Foundation More than a foundation, QuickLift is a real beauty serum with a moisturizing, smoothing, firming and plumping effect. For all women who wish to enhance their day skin care with an anti-ageing action by taking care of wrinkles and / or fine lines, skin slackening and a lack of brightness. A true 2-in-1, both makeup and skin care. HYALURONIC ACID SPHERE FILLERS : this is an express filling and smoothing technology. From a biotechnological origin, it is based on water-hungry components. Dehydrated, they rehydrate themselves in the skin and fill in wrinkles and fine lines. QUICK’ ELASTIN : It is an active elasticity renovator from the dill seed extract. Its presence enhances the lysyl oxidase(LOXL)synthesis, an enzyme responsible for the cross-linking functionality and the elastic matrix, which is less produced because of ageing. REFLECTIVE PEARLESCENT LIGHTS : they provide immediate brightness and recreate the original skin’s luminosity.            
Make-Up Studio Select Fluid Foundation noTransfer An extensive collection of velvety soft, liquid silicon-based foundations. As soon as the foundation adheres to the skin, the 'No Transfer' effect begins and the foundation no longer runs. This foundation does not require powder and is semi-covering.
Make-Up Studio Light Velvet Foundation This semi-covering foundation combines the advantages of a cream foundation with the ease of a powder. Thanks to the special composition the foundation does not require powder. The compact packaging provides a sponge and mirror, making it very practical to use.
Aden FullHD Fluid Foundation Fluid long lasting, high definition and full coverage foundation; it helps to hide red marks and blemishes while keeping the natural brightness of your skin. Possible skin imperfections, such as wrinkles and opened pores are less visible.  It creates a naturally flawless complexion with a semi-matt finish for all ages and all skin tones. It conceals everything for a perfect looking second skin that lasts all day. The formulation doesn’t contain fragrance and sunscreens. D5 free, oil free and paraben free.
Collistar Cream-Powder Compact Foundation A 3-in-1 foundation combining the covering and smoothing effect of a cream, the silky texture of a powder and the handiness of a compact foundation. Thanks to the addition of innovative microspheres which release hyaluronic acid and absorb excess sebum, it guarantees a long-lasting moisturizing and anti-shine action. The formula also contains Retinol and Vitamin E to give vitality to the skin. Applied with the special sponge provided.  
Collistar Foundation+Concealer Total Perfection Duo Innovative formula, outstanding performance, practical design. A pair of highly professional make-up products for an instantly perfect face and more beautiful skin, day after day. A pioneering foundation and concealer in one pack for high-performance make-up and two-fold results: - instantly perfect skin, flawless cover, luminous, even, natural colour - a superb skin treatment day after day with Collistar’s exclusive Pure Actives. Suitable for all skin types.
Collistar Silk Effect Supermoisturizing Foundation Formulated especially for skin types needing extra hydration, this foundation guarantees a flawless finish and an extremely soft and velvety skin. Rich, creamy and extraordinarily fluid in texture, it glides smoothly over the skin, evening out the grain and giving a smooth, flawless appearance to the complexion. Its formula includes a precious mix of active principles which carry out a targeted beauty treatment on the skin: hyaluronic acid and soy phospholipids, ultra-moisturizing and elasticizing; vitamin E, ginseng and ginkgo biloba, energizing and anti-age; UVA and UVB filters. It also contains an innovative velvety powder and specials pigments which guarantee perfect coverage, radiant colour and a silky glow.  
Collistar Perfect Wear Foundation  This innovative foundation ensures exceptional cosmetic performance while carrying out an extraordinary beauty treatment and protective action on the skin. Its special formula contains hydrolyzed coral seaweed extract which, in synergy with vitamins A, B5 and E, make the skin more elastic and compact, effectively performing an ultra-moisturizing, energizing and anti-age action. In addition, it guarantees a smudge-proof effect, radiant colour and a perfect wear all day long.  
Collistar Even Finish Foundation + Primer Collistar innovation binds in a single product the cosmetic effectiveness of a foundation with the concealing and smoothing effect of a primer, to give you absolutely perfect skin and make-up that remains unaltered for 24 hours, with high colour fidelity and without the need for touching up. 
Characterized by a fondant and ultra-comfortable texture, this innovative foundation guarantees colour, coverage, evenness and treatment all in one. It owes its effectiveness to a technologically advanced formula and the use of precious substances, the most important being the exclusive Hydro-Uniforming Complex™, which is also contained in Evening Hydro-Serum. 
The flawlessness of the complexion is enhanced by special 3D elastomers with threedimensional structure, which, together with a unique light-reflecting soft focus system, act as a primer, filling in and smoothing out the first signs of ageing, lifting the epidermis, minimizing enlarged pores and small imperfections and increasing the adhesion and hold of the foundation, producing a ‘second skin’ effect. New-generation photo-chromatic 
pigments keep the colour stable and unaltered in every type of light, both natural and artificial. The addition of vitamin E and UVA and UVB filters combats free radicals and 
photo-ageing. WITHOUT PARABENS.  
Collistar Serum Foundation Perfect Nude Lightness, brightness and perfection: ‘second skin effect’. The surprising lightness of a brand-new serum foundation which perfects, brightens and evens out the complexion, providing a precious treatment for the skin. Flawless make-up. This high-tech foundation is a magical combination of •an impalpable, ultra-sensory serum-texture which envelops the face like a second skin, bringing you instant comfor t and perfect nude results •micronized pigments to guarantee extraordinarily natural colour and outstanding wear •innovative elastomers so you can apply it as needed for buildable coverage •soft-focus powders to capture and reflect the light and refine the complexion, leaving skin glowing and smooth and redefining the facial contours. Targeted treatment. The exclusive super-hydrating, lifting, protective formula features a clever blend of Vitamin E, energizing, anti-free radicals, plus low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which works both on the surface, hydrating and smoothing the epidermis, and deep-down, stimulating the skin’s natural hydration processes. Special UV filters protect the skin from UV rays. All this means perfectly hydrated, protected skin which looks more radiant day after day. Dermatologically tested - Non-Comedogenic tested - Paraben-free. Nickel tested*. *Nickel < 0,0001%  
Darphin Melaperfect Anti-Dark Spots Correctinc Foundation Melaperfect Anti-Dark Spots Correcting Foundation SPF15 is enriched with Pluricolour™ mineral microspheres – innovative pigments to provide full coverage of dark spots whilst leaving a natural finish. Day by day, dark spots are visibly reduced thanks to Trametes extract. Conceals existing marks instantly, beautifies the complexion and whilst UVA/UVB protection fights against the appearance of future dark spots. - In just one application, dark spots are concealed. - Day after day, dark spots are visibly reduced. - All day long, skin is protected against future dark spots.
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Sampar Originals Nude To Perfection  Nude to Perfection is the tinted cream that hydrates* for 24 hours and protects skin against harmful effects of photo-aging UV rays. Its lightweight formula beautifies skin with a natural and even result.  
Sampar Premium Crazy Cream Tinted UV-defense cream that perfects complexion and maintains a 24-hour hydration. For those looking for a perfect nude skin effect with ultra light tinted result. For those disappointed by BB, CC and XX creams!  
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Sampar Premium Golden Glow Perfect for all kind of women looking for a sunkissed effect without sun or self-tanner, anytime of the year. Suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin.  
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Sampar Premium Glamour Shot For those looking for an alternative to foundation, primer or time-consuming make-up. Suitable for all skin types and skin tones; men and women alike. For women with wrinkles, imperfections, redness and/or unwanted shine. Glamour Shot is the first transparent foundation* with a blurring effect that guarantees a flawless and immediate result on skin with long term benefits. Specially thought for all skin tones, it evens out and mattifies the complexion, smoothes skin’stexture and masks pores and imperfections. Its new lightweight formula provides even more silky, luminous and natural finish!  

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