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Ro.ial Vaha lämmiyslaite, 800ml, 380W The use of wax in pots permits to effect a whole depilation treatment on any part of the body. To be alble to effect a depilation, the wax should be heated and kept in a constant temperature for the whole treatment. This wax warmer is equipped with a termostat that quarantes a constant temperature, with a minimum variation of the exact precision given. Supply voltage: 220/230V, 50-60Hz Electrical power: 380W Temperature regulation: from +30 to +115 degrees.
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Depileve vahalämmitin 400-800g vahaille, 325W
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Bellitas, Strictly Professional purkkivaha lämmitimen 400-800g vahalle, 230W Erittäin laadukas 400ml. purkki vahaa lämmittimen. Säädettävä termostaatti ja termostaatin merkkivalo (0-115C) Mukana 1000ml. kuppi. Sivussa suuri mukava kahva mistä on mukava siirtää lämmitintä. Iskunkestävä kansi. Lämmittää vahat vain 15 minuutissa.
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Refill vahan lämmitin kaapelilla ja ikkunalla, 35W, Gold Collection, Roial Musta
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Strictly Professional vahan lämmitin 800 ml vahalle, mukana 1000 ml. säiliö, teho 300 wt.
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Strictly Professional vahan lämmitin 800 ml vahalle, mukana 1000 ml. säiliö, teho 300 wt.
Bellitas vahan lämmitin, mukana säiliö, voimakas
Depileve Rollon vaha lämmitimet Duo Wax Warmer for roll-on waxes For a simple and quick epilation choose this Duo hand held cartridge warmer applicators. For use with 100ml universal wax cartridges. Simple and easy. Ideal for early learners in waxing. 220V, 2x30wt  
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Liberty Wax Heater for 400ml Tins 150W White heater for tins 400ml with thermostat and power indicator. Plastic lid will protect the wax from dust during the heating and also in the period between the procedures. Place the jar containing wax. For a rapid melting of the wax set the thermostat to the maximum temperature for about 25 minutes, then replace the thermostat to the desired temperature, so as to maintain the fluidized product inside the jar. The heating time of the wax can vary from 25 to 35min. The red light will go off whenever the desired temperature is reached.    
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Basic Combined Heater for 400ml Tins and 2 Cartridges Heater for can of 400 ml with thermostat and 2 cartridges with work indicator and transparent windows. 150W    
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Wax Heater for 800g Cans Temperature can be adjusted 45~105°C,and for 800-900g can wax. 220W    
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ItalWax Easy Double, Heater for Cartridges Heater for cartridge is designed only for professional use. The time needed to heat cartridges to optimum temperature is 20min. Heater maintains optimum temperature of the wax in cartridge during the depilation procedure. Box contains: 2 heaters, 1 support, 1 wire
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Depileve vahalämmitin 400g vahalle, 155W
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Vaha ja parafini lämmiyslaite Heater for 400ml wax pots. High precision thermostat. Short wax melting time. Modern and elegant design. Especially for home use.
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Multi spray parafiini tai karvanpoisto vaha cartiges lämmitin 220V, 200W
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3x100ml. wax cartige heater, lämmitin kolmelle vahalle
Vahalämmitin, 100ml. wax cartige heater, lämmitin, 220V johtolla, 35W, ikkunalla
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3x wax cartige lämmitin alusta
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Depilatory Wax and Paraffin Wax Heater Temperature can be adjusted 45-150 degrees. Using methods: Depilation: Put can wax into heater tank and cover the lid. Plug in and circumrotate the knob to adjust temperature, the pilot lamp lights and the heater works. plug out when the wax is melted for treatment. Clean the skin of treating part before depilation. Apply the melted wax on skin equaly along hair growth direction, with a cuticle stick. Then affix depilatory paper to waxed skin and clap to make them clingy. Rip depilatory paper quickly reverse the hair growth direction. Clean up all residual wax with appropriative wax cleanser. Paraffin: Put paraffin wax into the portable aluminium pot and cover the lid. Plug in and circumrotate the knob to adjust temperature to 65 degrees, the pilot lamp lights and the heater works. Plug out when the wax is melted for treatment. Clean the skin before treatment. Apply the melted wax on skin equably with the brush. 50/60Hz, 150W
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Vaha ja parafini lämmiyslaite, 400ml 100WT
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Vaha ja parafini lämmiyslaite, universal Wax warmer 400-800ml, 150W
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100ml. 2x wax cartige lämmitin
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Profesionaalinen karvanpoisto vahojen lämmitin, 300W
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Karvanpoisto lämmiyimen setti, 100W