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Lämminvaha paketti - Karvanpoisto sarja - Roial Kristal Epilaatio, Italy - Paras hintatarjous
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Ardell Brow Shaping Kit  Frame those beautiful eyes with perfectly defined brows. No time to get to the salon for an eyebrow wax? The Ardell Brow Shaping Kit has what you need for a quick, simple and effective treatment at home. The kit comes complete with hair removal gel, wax removal strips and soothing azulene oil to calm the skin and help stop redness after hair removal. The Ardell Brow Shaping Gel is a water soluble cold wax used to shape the brow and provide long lasting results. This no-heat, professional formula removes unwanted hair in two simple steps. Simply apply the gel with the easy-to-use dispensing tube which was designed for a flawless application and remove with the cloth strips. The pleasing apple-pear fragrance of the gel will also add to the spa-at-home experience.  
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DepilOK Lämmin patruunavaha paketti - Karvanpoisto sarja, paras hinta

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