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Dr Irena Eris SPA Resort Fiji Giftset 200ml The Nourishing Nectar-Balm is an unforgettable treatment for your skin and senses. The balm is enriched with the extract of the unique bird-of-paradise flower which restores seductive smoothness, softness and suppleness to the skin. Thanks to its outstanding properties, the extract stimulates toxin removal from the skin and prevents premature ageing. The optimum blend of beneficial waxes delivers extra nourishment and hydration. The balm is convenient to use: it is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. It leaves the skin smooth, soft and delicate already after the first application*. Directions for use: To maximize the treatment effect, firstly use SPA Resort Fiji Scrub to cleanse the skin. Secondly, apply a small amount of the balm onto clean skin and gently rub it in until absorbed. *In vivo tests conducted at the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research following a single application. 200ml Stimulate your senses with the smoothing scrub and enjoy the perfect smoothness and delightful softness of your skin. The peeling particles contained in the scrub cleanse the skin, while the soothing extract of the unique bird-of-paradise flower provides the necessary moisture. Let the tropical cleansing ritual leave you energized and refreshed for a long time. Directions for use: Apply a small amount of the scrub on wet skin. Massage for a few moments, then rinse with water. Secondly, use the complementary Nourishing Nectar-Balm from the SPA Resort Fiji line to maximize the treatment effect.
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Lumene Beauty Advent Calendar 2018 Lumene Beauty Advent Calendar features 24 beauty must-haves. Combining 5 makeup and 19 skincare must-haves, behind each door hides the perfect surprise. Explore some of the brand’s favourite products from Nordic Hydra, Nordic-C, Nordic Detox, and Nordic Rituals collections. All of Lumene’s skincare products contain a potent blend of natural Finnish ingredients – including pure Arctic Spring Water, Arctic Cloudberry, Nordic Pine Bark and Nordic Chaga.  The Products: Nordic Hydra Day Cream (15ml) Nordic Hydra Serum (15ml) Nordic Hydra Biphase Oil (50ml) Nordic Hydra Mask (15ml) Lahde Eye Gel (5ml) Nordic-C Mask (15ml) Nordic-C Night Cream (15ml) Nordic-C Glow Boost Essence (15ml) Nordic-C Lumenessence (50ml) Nordic Detox Cream (15ml) Nordic Detox Cleansing Oil (50ml) Nordic Rituals Day Cream (10ml) Nordic Rituals Cleanser (15ml) Nordic Rituals Scrub (20ml) Nordic Rituals Mask (15ml) Nordic Rituals Body Lotion (20ml) Invisible Illumination Beauty Serum Medium (15ml) Moomin Hand Cream (Full Size 30ml) Compacted Mask (Full Size) Muslin Cloth (Full Size) Nordic Chic Moisturizing Lipstick (Full Size) Nordic Noir Eyeshadow Pen (Full Size) Nordic Chic Undereye Concealer (Full Size) Nordic Chic Eyebrow Wax (Full Size)
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Lumene Men Raikas Gift Set Moisturising Shampoo and Washing Gel 2in1 200ml Deodorant Stick 24 h 70g

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