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GMT Beauty Skin Cleansing Tonic Mild The product not only gently cleanses, but also provides versatile effects: long-lasting hydration, rapid decrease of dryness and discomfort, natural ingredients. The newest generation cleansing product is not only natural (99.7% of herbal ingredients), it also contains 14 high-quality ingredients – herbal extracts and oils. The newest generation of biotechnologically derived plant ingredients PENTAVITIN® (Saccharide isomerate) is a patented highly effective complex of plant sugars that is able to bind and retain water in the tissues for a longer period of time. The lactic acid normalises the epithelialisation process, improves skin hydration and elasticity by promoting the synthesis of “intercellular substances” (glycosaminoglycans). A selection of high-quality oils in the special mix of polyunsaturated fatty acids prevents ageing processes in the skin, moisturises it and prevents moisture loss, improves the recovery of the epidermis, improves defensive properties, softens and nourishes, as well as restores the hydrolipid barrier. The herbal extracts contained by the tonic are rich in antioxidants (polyphenols, gallates, flavonoids), that fight against free radicals and protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV radiation. A wide range of phyto-active ingredients improves skin regeneration, increases the defensive properties, promotes metabolic processes, improves skin immunity. Tonic does not contain ingredients (chemicals) that are harmful to human health or the environment. It is not tested on animals. Pleasant, light aroma. Use: Wet a cotton pad with tonic and lightly moisten the skin with gentle touches.
GMT Beauty Anti-Age Eye Contoure Cream ANTI-AGE EYE CONTOUR CREAM: The cream gently takes care of the skin around eye area. The combination of active ingredients naturally smoothes fine lines, while  stimulating collagen synthesis and enhancing skin elasticity. The cream efficiently  removes the signs of fatigue, dark circles and baggy eyes. Effects: The cream deeply moisturizes skin and strengthens its structure. Deep skin  moisturizers – molecules of PENTAVITIN® (Saccharide Isomerate) – provide lasting  hydration. The cream naturally unwrinkles fine lines, while stimulating collagen  synthesis and enhancing skin elasticity. An extract from tropical plant called  Spilanthes Acmella - Gatuline® Expression (Acmella Oleracea extract) is considered a  natural alternative to Botox. The extract Gatuline® Expression naturally decreases  expression lines; it is a well-tested remedy for the smoothness of skin. SVELTAM™ is a  breakthrough and highly efficient ingredient, created biotechnologically by fusing four  potent active constituents: Caffeine, Theobromine, Methylxantine, Paraxantine. It  reduces signs of skin aging such as small lines and deep wrinkles, dull skin colour,  dark under-eye circles and skin elasticity loss, protects skin from UV rays damage and  diminishes puffiness around eyes. It levels edema and optimizes skin elasticity. Sweet  almond oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis), green tea extract (Camellia Sinensis), Gotu  Kola leaf extract (Centella Asiatica) and horsetail extract (Equisetum Arvense) create  a powerful combination, restoring skin capacity and inhibiting the process of aging.
Matis Exclusivite Pro Vitaminised Oils massage oil single doses, all skin types.    
Matis Exclusivite Pro Face Scrub Double exfoliation, all skin types    
Matis Exclusivite Pro Hydra Expert Mask cool sensation gel, rehydrated skin, filled out facial features.    
Matis Exclusivite Pro Moisturising Cream for Massage Specific massage for face, dehydrated skin    
Matis Exclusivite Pro Nourishing Cream for Massage Specific massage for face dry skin    
Matis Exclusivite Pro Massage Melting Balm Massage cream face and neck.    
GMT Beauty Repair And Lifting Eye Contour Cream REPAIR AND LIFTING EYE CONTOUR CREAM: The cream renovates vitality of conjunctive tissues, as well as their ability to absorb water. The combination of skin  moisturizers and antioxidants has a beneficial lifting effect on skin. The product efficiently inhibits the process of aging and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.   Effects: The cream deeply moisturizes skin, restores and strengthens its structure.  NEODERMYL® - a cosmetic alternative to collagen and elastin injections, which  naturally smoothes wrinkles. The new-generation active anti-aging ingredient enables  collagen and elastin synthesis and has a beneficial lifting effect on skin.  Skin  moisturizers - PENTAVITIN® (Saccharide Isomerate), hydrolyzed wheat protein and  lactic acid – optimize essential moisture level of skin.  Natural sources of silica,  forming a part of the product, influence connective skin tissue regeneration and boost  the level of amino acids - hydroxyproline. Wheat germ oil (Triticum Vulgare), acerola  fruit extract (Malpighia Glabra), buckbean leaf extract (Menyanthes Trifoliata) and  vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) combine a powerful chain of antioxidants – a  concentration of vitamins C and E – neutralizing free radicals and stimulating the    synthesis of collagen.
GMT Beauty Anti Puffiness Drainage Gel ANTI PUFFINESS DRAINAGE GEL: The drainage gel improves lymphatic and venous outflow. Reduces swelling in body tissues, evens out skin tone, improves skin  structure and elasticity. Recommended for usage in manual and machine treatments.   Effects: The product reduces puffiness, improves blood circulation and body metabolism. It  provides optimal performance to lymphatic and venous systems, which are responsible  for organic and inorganic toxins removal. The drainage gel, due to Gotu Kola leaf extracts (Centella Asiatica), ivy (Hedera  Helix), horse chestnut (Aesculus Hippocastanum) contains bioflavonoids - hederin,  rutin and escin, which strengthen venous and lymphatic capillary walls and minimize  their permeability and fragility. Lemon peel extract is known for its diuretic  properties. As a result optimal balance of body liquids is achieved, which is essential    for puffiness reduction and blood improvement.  
GMT Beauty Moisturising Dermoprotect Cleanser MOISTURISING DERMOPROTECT CLEANSER: A soft and carefully cleansing and  moisturizing gel. It cleanses, softens and moisturizes skin, preserving its elasticity and  natural skin protecting property. It removes make-up. The gel is suitable for area  around the eyes.   Effects:  It gently cleanses skin without dehydrating it, at the same time preserving its natural  protective barrier. It perfectly reduces skin dryness, softens, moisturizes, and makes  skin soft and radiant. Natural foamer is derived from South American soap bark tree  (Quillaja Saponaria Extract), maize and coconuts (Decyl Glucoside), combined with  water it forms a soft, non-irritating foam.  Lactic acid, derived from milk whey, is  well known for its exfoliating properties. The product normalizes the process of  epithelialization, promotes the strengthening of protective skin barrier – the synthesis  of ceramides, moisturizes skin and promotes skin elasticity. The molecules of  PENTAVITIN® (Saccharide Isomerate) continue to moisturize the skin even after    rinsing off the gel.
GMT Beauty Moisturising Cleansing Foam MOISTURISING CLEANSING FOAM: The moisturising cleansing foam deeply cleans and  hydrates skin; it helps to reduce skin roughness and dryness. It removes make-up. The  foam is suitable for the area around eyes.   Effects:  The cleansing foam is suitable for make-up removal. It gently cleanses skin without  dehydrating it, at the same time preserving its protective barrier. It perfectly reduces  dryness of the skin, softens, moisturizes, and makes it soft and radiant.     Natural  foamer is derived from South American soap bark tree (Quillaja Saponaria), maize  and coconuts (Decyl Glucuside), combined with water it forms a soft, non-allergenic,  non-toxic and non-irritating foam.   Hydrolyzed wheat protein, lactic acid and the  molecules of PENTAVITIN® (Saccharide Isomerate) provide deep and long-lasting skin    moisturizing and refreshing.
GMT Beauty Advanced Triple Action Peeling ADVANCED TRIPLE ACTION PEELING: The peeling softly foams, gently removes dead epidermal cells and helps reduce rough skin. Due to natural ingredients and perfectly  balanced out pH level it actively moisturizes, nourishes and renovates skin.   Effects: Natural foamer is derived from South American soap bark tree (Quillaja Saponaria),  maize and coconuts (Decyl Glucuside) and combined with water forms a soft, non- allergenic, non-toxic and non-irritating foam.   Cleansing abrasive particles (Polyethylene) – homogeneous rounded microgranules –  while polishing gently remove dead epidermal cells without injuring skin. The product  delicately reduces rough skin. The peeling deeply cleanses the skin, preparing it for a  cream application. Hydrolyzed wheat protein, lactic acid and the molecules of  PENTAVITIN® (Saccharide Isomerate) provide skin moisturizing. The product normalizes  the process of epithelialization, promotes the strengthening of protective skin barrier  – the synthesis of ceramides, moisturizes skin and promotes skin elasticity, provides  the synthesis of intercellular matrix – glycosaminoglycan. It actively moisturizes,  nourishes and renovates skin. With regular usage, the peeling enhances elasticity of  the skin and helps to maintain its resilience. The triple action peeling prepares skin    for follow-up treatments.   
GMT Beauty Hi-Tech Liposculpt Cream HI–TECH LIPOSCULPT CREAM: The hi-tech liposculpting facial cream provides a  natural wrinkles filling, has a sculpturing impact on facial contours; it slows down the  process of chronological aging and photoaging of the skin. Volumfirming technology  treats the skin on every level of its structure.   Effects: The combination of anti-aging components provides solid and noticeable delay of  aging process. The product minimizes the development of textural changes such as  the loss of elasticity of skin volume, wrinkle formation, caused by hormone  disruption, photoaging and chronological aging. The special patented technology of  NEODERMYL® - a combination of amino acids operates as natural filler and  physiologically fills existing wrinkles and fine lines from the inside. Achievement of  Volumfirming technology of XXI century - VOLUFORM™ - lipo-amino acid which  naturally provides double effect: volume and elastic rigidity, restarts subdermal  lipoblast production and triggers reactivation process in conjunctive tissues. It  consequently reconstructs the structure of fibroblasts and intercellular matrix,  effectively fills existing wrinkles and has a beneficial impact on facial contours. Skin  is moisturized, energised and obtains a young look. Natural sources of silica embodied  in the product boost the level of hydroxyproline – amino acids in skin tissues, which  influence the synthesis of the skin conjunctives. The vitality of conjunctive tissues is  renovated, as well as their ability to absorb water. Skin moisturizers - PENTAVITIN®  (Saccharide Isomerate), hydrolyzed wheat protein and lactic acid – regulate the level  of skin hydration, restore skin barrier functions. The potent combination of    antioxidants efficiently fights against free radicals and stimulates collagen synthesis.
GMT Beauty Regenerating & Firming Cream  REGENERATING & FIRMING CREAM: The regenerating and firming facial cream  recovers the skin and noticeably reduces the signs of skin aging while deeply  moisturizing and toning it. It reduces the damage to skin caused by oxidative stress.  Active substances effectively fill wrinkles from the inside, having a beneficial effect  on collagen and elastin production.   Effect:  Skin moisturizers - PENTAVITIN® (Saccharide Isomerate), hydrolyzed wheat protein  and lactic acid – regulate the level of skin hydration; restore epidermal barrier  function of the skin. Evening primrose oil (Oenothera Biennis) and apple seed oil  (Pyrus Malus) – contain phytohormones, which slow aging process. Phytohormones,  phytosterols, vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, which are found in apple seed  oil, protect and restore cell membranes, maintaining their optimal regeneration and  inhibiting the process of aging. Natural sources of silica in the product boost the level  of amino acids - hydroxyproline – in tissues influencing connective skin tissue  regeneration. It enhances the stamina of connective tissues. Luxuriant combination of  anti-oxidants ensures the fight against free radicals, stimulates collagen synthesis. NEODERMYL® is a cosmetic alternative to collagen and elastin injections as the  energy provider for aging fibroblasts. NEODERMYL® induces the synthesis of specific  proteins essential for the preserving skin structure (type I collagen, type III collagen,  tropoelastin, elastin). It means that this anti-aging new-generation ingredient  stimulates natural collagen and elastin synthesis gently smoothes fine lines.  The blend of natural oils that are structurally similar to ceramides of the skin,    effectively inhibits the process of skin aging.
GMT Beauty Enriched Massage Cream ENRICHED MASSAGE CREAM: This enriched massage cream for massaging  manipulations provides a perfect sliding. During a massage, the skin is deeply  moisturized and nourished; the process of aging slows down. The cream is suitable both for dry and sensitive skin.   Effects: The cream enriched by active skin moisturizers – molecules of PENTAVITIN®  (Saccharide Isomerate) – deeply moisturizes and strengthens the structure of the skin.  Hydrolyzed wheat protein and the luxuriant mix of natural oils (Triticum Vulgare,  Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis, Caprylic/capric triglyceride) enhance protective capability  of the skin, protect from dehydration, soften the skin, create protective coating and  provide a perfect sliding. The cream helps to keep skin’s elasticity, promote  metabolism and remove toxins. Generous amounts of vitamins В1, В6 and vitamin Е deeply moisturize and nourish skin making it radiant and providing its silky  appearance. Potent antioxidants combination – green tea extract (Camellia Sinensis)  and acerola fruit extract (Malpighia Glabra) - efficiently fights against free radicals,  stimulates collagen synthesis, restores elasticity, tightness and tone of the skin.  Buckbean leaf extract (Menyanthes Trifoliata) slows down the process of  chronological aging and photoaging of the skin and restores skin elasticity. The    extract provides lifting effect and has a sculpturing impact on facial contours.
GMT Beauty Moisturizing & Soothing Gel MOISTURIZING & SOOTHING GEL: A deeply moisturizing and soothing gel, it provides a longstanding moisturization, restores hydrolipidic film and unwrinkles fine lines.  Potent antioxidants combination desensitizes skin response to aggressive  environment, inhibits the process of aging, and restores elasticity of the skin.   Effects: Deep skin moisturizers – molecules of PENTAVITIN® (Saccharide Isomerate) - actively  absorb water and provide 72-hour hydration, restoring  Hydrolipidic layer of the skin. The potent combination of antioxidants efficiently fights against free radicals,  stimulates collagen synthesis, decreases skin sensitivity, minimizes negative  environment impact and reduces the damage caused by oxidative stress. In turn,  lactic acid normalizes process of epithelialization, optimizes skin elasticity and  moisturization by means of stimulating synthesis of the intercellular substance –  glucosamine. Natural sources of silica embodied in the product boost the level of  hydroxyproline – amino acids in the tissues, which influence the synthesis of the skin  conjunctive tissues. The vitality of the conjunctive tissues is restored, as well as their    ability to absorb water.
GMT Beauty Lift & Firm Gel LIFT & FIRM GEL: Active gel provides an instant lifting effect, wrinkle-smoothing  effect on expression lines, excellent moisturization and skin tone grading. Powerful  combination of antioxidants delays skin aging and deeply renovates skin.   Effects:  Newest biotechnological solutions have allowed to extract highly efficient active  substances out of coffee beans - SVELTAM™. It reduces signs of skin aging such as  small lines and deep wrinkles, dull skin colour, dark under-eye circles and skin  elasticity loss, protects skin from UV rays damage and diminishes swelling around  eyes. It reduces puffiness (edema) and optimizes skin elasticity. Green tea extract  (Camellia Sinensis), acerola fruit extract (Malpighia Punicifolia) and buckbean leaf  extract (Menyanthes Trifoliata) form a potent mix of antioxidants to effectively fight  against free radicals and restore elastic fiber synthesis, providing lifting effect.  Gatuline® Expression (Acmella Oleracea extract) is an extract from tropical plant  called Spilanthes Acmella, it is a well-tested remedy for skin smoothness and is  considered a natural alternative to Botox. The extract naturally decreases expression    lines. 
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Ella Baché Regard Magistral Intex 8,9% Mask for eye area Instant lifting patches for eye area. Anti–fatigue action. Instant lifting patches provide a smooth and rested look to the eye area. Smooth out the eye contours and reduce fatigue. Work instantly, intensely restructuring and lifting the fragile eye contour area.   Apply to thoroughly cleansed skin. Leave on for 15 minutes. Do not rinse!                
Ella Baché Magistral Hydrating Gel 5% Deep hydrating gel quenches thirst. Rich in Minerals, fills tissues with new energy. Hydraline restores and strengthens the hydrolipid structure. Vine Blossom Nectar and Hyaluronic Acid restore the skin's elasticity and prevents dehydration. Provides general antiaging and wrinkle filling effects. Use as an additional component in hydrating Hydra-Repulp treatments.      
Ella Baché Mask Magistral Blanc de Teint 9% + 100% Vitamin C powder Pigmendilaike helendav ja nahatooni ühtlustav, noorendav säramask, professionaalseks kasutamiseks. Professionaalne toode, kasutatakse vastavalt hooldusprotokollile.   40 ml + 0.26 g      
Ella Baché Mask Magistral Neoperfect 30,3% Naha pigmenti ühtlustav ja nahatekstuuri pehmendav professionaalseks kasutamiseks mõeldud kreem-mask.   Professionaalne toode, kasutatakse vastavalt hooldusprotokollile.    
Ella Baché Neoperfect 26% Extreme Exfoliating Gel-Serum Resurfacing gel with hydroxy-acids 1/ INSTANT RESURFACING Age marks, blemishes, uneven skin texture, dark spots, visible pores 3 hydroxy-acids ( Malic-Lactic-Citric acids obtained by apple and citrus fruits fermenatation) Organic Aplple Vinegar - Diglycerine - Glycerine 2/NEW SKIN EFFECT Stimulator of epidermal regeneration 3 hydroxy-acids 3/ EFFICIENCY BOOSTER Facilitates the cutaneous penetration of the active ingredients present in your skincare 3 hydroxy-acids FORMULA WITHOUT: 0% PARABENS: Coloring agents, silicone, mineral oils.   Take a bit of PEELING * MAGISTRAL NEOPERFECT in hand. Apply to the face and low neckline. Leave for 3-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry. Apply AGE SOLAR PROTECT SPF 50 daily during the months of use.    
Ella Baché Plump-Up Massage Gel   Gel cream with a velvety texture renews and hydrates the skin. Improves elasticity, relaxes and maintains the hydration level in the skin. Multipurpose: suitable for all Ella Baché facial procedures for various types of skin. Contains antioxidants and aminoacids.  
Ella Baché Age Doctors Smoothing Morpho-Mask with Caviar Tõhusalt trimmiv kolloid-mask, üle näo ja piki kaela dekolteele. Peen-tekstuuriga pulber sooja veega kokku segades muutub ühtlaseks ja pehmeks kreemiks mis kummistub u 10min.   Professionaalseks kasutamiseks. Hoida peal 15 min ja eemaldada ühes tükis. Samaegselt dekoltee-õla-trapetsi massaaź , kuhu lisatud RELAXING Stress Release Intence Extract (1ml)    
Ella Baché Intensive Wrinkle Plumping Patches Intensive wrinkle plumping patches with Spirulina. Spirulina and Hyaluronic microspheres act together as wrinkle fillers by plumping them up and providing instantly visible results. Use as a separate treatment or under cryomask Masque Empreinte.    
GMT Beauty Healing Day Cream with Karanja Oil SPF 20 The innovative sun-filter contained by the cream – Karanja oil – and the natural protective filter protect the skin from the negative effects of UVA/UVB rays and sunburn. The special anti-inflammatory effects of Karanja oil reduce inflammation processes in the skin, promote healing. A rich combination of natural oils and plant extracts provides the skin with the necessary vitamins and antioxidants, which help prevent its premature ageing – dryness, wrinkles, loss of volume and pigmentation. The content of fatty acids of natural oils softens all skin types and helps to delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Does not contain chemical filters, parabens and other harmful preservatives, synthetic dyes and fragrances. Pleasant texture, light reflecting particles smoothen the skin tone. Ideal make-up base. Use: Used as the final product after a cosmetic procedure. Apply cream on the face, and massage it into the skin, until fully absorbed.  
Matis Exclusivite Pro Glycoaminoglycans moisturising serum single doses, all skin types.    
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Davines Authentic Replenishing Butter, Face / Hair / Body 98 % luonnollinen, luonnonöljypohjainen voide sopii niin kasvoille, vartalolle kuin hiuksillekin. Pehmentää ja suojaa kasvojen ja vartalon ihoa. Hiuksille saat tästä tuotteesta äärimmäisen ravitsevan hiusnaamion. Luonnonmukaiset jojoba- ja auringonkukkaöljy sekä sheavoi toimivat luonnollisina antioksidantteina ja ravitsevina ainesosina.          
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Davines Authentic Nourishing Oil, Face / Hair / Body 100 % luonnollinen, luonnonöljypohjainen hoitoöljy ravitsee ja kosteuttaa hiuksia ja vartaloa. Luomulaatuiset öljyt, kuten jojoba-, auringonkukka- ja seesamiöljy toimivat luonnollisina antioksidantteina ja ravitsevina ainesosina. Aromaattinen tuoksu saadaan aidoista eteerisistä öljyistä. Huom! Erikoistuote, normaalia pidempi toimitusaika.          

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