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Kerge niisutav emulsioon mandliõliga, ideaalne normaalsele ja kuivale nahale. 150ml. Kasutamine: Kanna losjooni sõrmeotstega näo ja kaela piirkondadele, õrnalt masseerides, kuni kreem on imendunud naha sisse. Säilitada jahedas, eemal otsese päikesevalguse käest. Säilib kord avatuna 12 kuud.   Maaletooja: BRT Keskus OÜ (FIMAGE BEAUTY)
Strictly Professional Moisturiser Dry/Plus Skin An ultra rich moisturiser for dry, damaged and ageing skin. Purple orchid helps to repair the skin and smooth fine lines. Starflower helps with cell repair and renewal. White tea energises the skin cells.
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Gerard's Puresense Emulsion For Combination Or Impure Skin This gentle foamy gel deeply eliminates impurities and make-up residue.
 The extracts of Liquorice, St. John’s Wort, Propolis and the Sebum Balancer Complex, vegetal complex with astringent and purifying actions, cleanse the pores from excess sebum leaving skin silky, fresh and mat all day long.
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Strictly Professional Cleanser Combination Skin,Kombineeritud Nahale Kerge puhastusvahend, mis on mõeldud naha puhastamiseks ja liigse õli vähendamiseks. Lilla ženšen reguleerib õli tootmist ja omab antibakteriaalseid omadusi. Avokaado hüdreerib nahka ja annab vitamiine A, D & E. Ei sobi silmameigi eemaldamiseks.
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Strictly Professional Moisturizer Sensitive Skin A gentle moisturiser. White tea is anti bacterial and anti-ageing. Mallow flower, white tea and aloe soothe and calm the skin. Vitamin E and bisabolol help to protect the skin from the effects of the environment.
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Matis Reponse Jeunesse Hydra-Protective Emulsion An active prevention day care. This light texture care has a long lasting moisturizing property. Intended to preserve youthfulness, it helps to limit the premature appearance of first signs of aging. The skin regains its natural hydration level, strengthens its defenses and remains soft and comfortable all day. PURPLE ORCHID EXTRACT : it is known for its emollient, soothing and protective properties. CRANBERRY EXTRACT : rich in polyphenols, this is an important antioxidant. It helps the skin maintain its youth. HYALURONIC ACID : a “sponge” molecule capable to retain up to one thousand times its weight in water. It helps to hydrate the superficial layers of the epidermis and has a plumping effect on the skin. SHEA BUTTER : rich in triglycerides, vitamins and unsaponifiables, it has regenerating and softening properties. LYCHEE EXTRACT : by its high content of tannins, this active ingredient is particularly moisturizing and anti-free radical.    
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Matis Reponse Jeunesse CityProtect 50 SPF 50 protective day fluid. City ProtectTM 50 is the ally of all citizens. With its unique formula which melts into the skin and their 50 sun protection UVA UVB sunscreens, it applies in a flash and protects the skin from pollution, UV rays and free radicals. Its nomadic size is very practical and fits in the bag. With a UV protection PURPLE ORCHID EXTRACT : it is known for its emollient, soothing and protective properties. CRANBERRY EXTRACT : rich in polyphenols, this is an important antioxidant. It helps the skin maintain its youth. UVA/UVB FPS50 FILTERS  
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Darphin Ideal Resource Micro-Refining Smoothing Fluid Specially created for the needs of combination skin, IDEAL RESOURCE Fluid contains micro-refining technology that smoothes the look of fine lines and wrinkles and unifies the skin's surface, while matifying mineral extracts visibly retighten pores giving the skin a more youthful and radiant appearance. This whisper-light fluid is delicately scented with white flowers. The Claim - Combination to oily skin The Result - Transforms and visibly refines texture - Diminishes pores visibility - Refreshes and clarifies skin - Helps visibly prevent new imperfections - Illuminates and enhances skin radiance - Immediately moisturizes skin Ethical Engagement 83% of the total ingredients from natural origin. Formulated without parabens. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist tested. Clinically-proven efficiency. - 33% improvement in the appearance of wrinkles after 2 months* - 25% of visible pore size reduction after 2 months* * Clinical study carried out on 24 women, 2 applications per day.  
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Darphin Skin Mat Matifying Lotion This lightweight formula with Matipure®, Phlorogine®,Oubaku, Licorice and Vitamin E, provides hydration to skin's dry areas as it matifies oily zones. Enhances natural radiance while maintaining an even, matte appearance. For combination to oily skin.  STOP-SHINE COMPLEX™ - Hydrated and revived skin - Complexion healthy-looking 86% of the total ingredients from natural origin. Formulated without parabens. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist tested. Clinically-proven efficiency.  
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Darphin Intral Environmental Lightweight Shield SPF50 Invisible UV Protection. 100 percent mineral filters deflect UVA/UVB rays that takes away skins oxygen, moisture and elasticity. Wheat Proteins create a breathable barrier that helps protect skin from pollution, which causes redness, dehydration and sensitivity. Perfect as a makeup base or alone, this sheer fluid disappears into skin for a luminous and smooth complexion. Provides a soothing, calming and relaxing effect. Paraben free. Dermatologically and ophtalmologically testes. Proved clinical effectivess.  
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Darphin Hydraskin Essential All-Day Skin-Hydrating Emulsion Ideal for every skin type, light emulsion features breakthrough HYDRA-STRUCTURE™ Technology, a high-performance hydrating complex of powerful, natural ingredients (Salicornia Herbacea, Butterfly Lavender) to help wake up skin's natural moisture mechanisms and defending skin's critical moisture reservoir. The Claim - All skin types The Result -24 hours skin hydration - Helps maintain hydration day after day - More luminous complexion glowing with health Ethical Engagement 84% of the total ingredients from natural origin. Formulated without parabens. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist tested. Clinically-proven efficiency.  
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Lumene Sisu Anti-Pollution Beauty Lotion Protect and hydrate while completing your cleansing ritual. Our gentle cosmetic water includes Antioxidant-rich Nordic Pine bark extract, deeply hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and Pure Arctic Spring Water to intensely moisturize and refresh, while removing the last traces of daily urban impurities or makeup after cleansing. Combined with our anti-pollution shield, this multitasking beauty lotion envelops skin in a protective cocoon, leaving it prepped for the next steps of your skincare routine.Formulated without parabens, formaldehyde donors, colorants and mineral oil.  
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Sesderma Resveraderm Antiox DNA Repair Antioxidant cocktail suitable for all skin types. New generation of antioxidants thanks to the application of nanotechnology, innovative technology which achieves the transport of active ingredients encapsulated in nanosomes, to the deepest layers of the skin, enhancing their effects. Protects the skin from daily environmental aggressions and corrects the skin by night.
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Sesderma Mandelac Moisturizing Gel Hydration and care of photoaged skin skin spots (sun, pregnancy, etc..). Greasy skin and skins sensitive to other AHAs.  The main active ingredient in the MANDELAC line is Mandelic Acid. It is an alpha-hydroxy acid with a molecule larger than that of Glycolic acid, so its slow penetration does not cause irritation, making it especially suitable for sensitive skin. It is encapsulated in liposomes has anti-aging properties, depigmenting, seboregulating proerties. It is also characterized by its antimicrobial activity, especially indicated for acne-prone skin.
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Sesderma Azelac Ru Gel-Cream Depigmenting gel cream inhibits the formation of melanin and reduces the existing pigmentation.
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Sesderma Azelac Moisturizing Gel Hydrating gel, light and of excellent tolerance due to its pH 5.5. Azeloglicina ® combines the properties of azelaic acid and moisturizing action of glycine. It has a calming and anti-radical action, fights redness and impurities that accompanies couperosis. Sebumregulator action, decreasing the secretion of sebum and helps to diminish pimples. Inhibits the synthesis of tyrosine, homogenizing the skin color. Increases skin hydration and elasticity. The phytosphingosine natural skin lipid and part in the constitution of most of the ceramides. It has a natural action that reduces irritation. The Silybum marianum has a calming, soothing and antioxidant effect, camouflaging the redness of the skin prone to couperosis.
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Sampar Premium Ultra Hydrating Fluid Intense hydration is your first defense against early wrinkles, and Ultra Hydrating Fluid quenches thirsty skin, strengthening restructuring mechanisms and protecting it all day long. Results : wrapped in a cocoon of well-being and carefree, the skin reclaims its suppleness and vitality. Paraben free  

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