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L'oréal Professionnel Wild Stylers Beach Waves Salt spray. Texturising salt spray for fresh from the beach effect - sexy, tousled hair with a matt finish.
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Cutrin Muoto Rough Texture Salt Spray Cutrin Muoto suolasuihke antaa rouheaa rakennetta ja luonnollista volyymia merituulen tuivertamiin laineisiin mattaisella viimeistelyllä. Koivusokerit kosteuttavat ja auttavat vahvistamaan hiuksia. Käyttö: Suihkuta kosteisiin tai kuiviin hiuksiin. Muotoile ja rutistele sormin luodaksesi haluamasi tyyli. Föönaa hiukset diffuuserisuuttimen avulla tai anna kuivua luonnollisesti.
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Tigi Bed Head Rockaholic Thunder Struck Texturising  Salt Spray TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Salt spray will electrify your style by adding texture. Selected salts in this formula provide lack lustre hair with texture and body.
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Matrix Style Link Mess Maker Salt Infused Spray Get a grip! Your link to roughed up looks with lightweight grip. Texture cream, enhanced with a micro mineral, that gives a non-sticky shape and hold. Leaves the hair looking perfectly undone. Beachy touchable waves without crunch.
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Matrix Total Results Texture Games Sea Salt Spray Salt spray. A light-weight texturizing spray that adds body and definition for perfectly tousled, defrizzed waves without the stiffness.
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InShape Volume Beach Texture Spray Adds roughness and an after beach feeling to thin and fi ne hair. Leaves hair natural-looking with a matte finish. Infused with Nordic nettle and keratin. UV-filter.  
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Seven Beach Up! Shifters Spray Structurizing styliing spray helps to create that desired messy hair or beach hair effect.  
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Sim Sensitive Forme Surf Mist Salt Spray Weightless salt spray enhances texture to create natural looking beach hair. UV filter.  
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Sim Sensitive DS Salt Spray Thickening salt spray. Provides rough texture and matte finish. Leaves hair easily manageable, suitable for all hair types, even for fine hair. Perfume free. With UV-protection.  
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Marrakesh Wave Sea Salt Spray Enjoy perfectly tousled, fresh from the beach, waves with Marrakesh Wave, a texturizing sea salt spray enriched with Argan and Hemp Seed Oils. Provides flexible control, holds moisture, and adds body as well as texture to the hair. Safe on color treated hair. Ideal for all hair types. 100% Vegan. PRODUCT CONTAINS NO: ANIMAL TESTING, ANIMAL INGREDIENTS, DRYING ALCOHOLS, PARABENS, DYES, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, THC, PETROLEUM, PHTHALATES.  

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