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Vitamiin A ja H, NUTRI-OX Shock Scalp Treatment hiustenlähtöä vastaan Nutri-ox Treatment for Extremely Thin and Chemically Treated Hair formerly known as Nutri-Shock Advanced Leave-In Hair & Scalp Nutrient formulated with Nutri-Essentials and Pro Oxiden HG Complex: Stimulates healthy hair growth, blended with nutrient rich botanicals and vitamins to help moisturize and protect from daily pollutants. Also helps combat hair loss caused by DHT with a blend of 5 alpha reductase inhibitors. Weightless formula will not weigh down fine hair. Protein-enriched formula deeply penetrate the hair follicle to strengthen weakened and damaged areas. Seals the cuticle for added strength and elasticity and protects the hair's inner structure from damage. Conditioning benefits to extend the life of hair. Formulated for use on specific areas on scalp where hair is excessively thin, sparse or fragile. Nourishes and stimulates each follicle at its growth center. Helps stabilize hair loss. Safe for color-treated and permed hair. Dermatologist tested.
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Placent Activ Milano Hair Care Vials Juukseampullid Hõrenevatele Juustele Saksa professionaalsel valemil põhinev Professional Placent Activ Milano on loodud kõikidele juuksetüüpidele, kuid on eriti soovitatav õhukeste, rabedate ja habraste juuste puhul. Tänu koostises olevale platsenta ekstraktile aitab toode vältida juuste väljalangemist. Losjooni korrapärasel kasutamisel muutuvad juuksed elujõuliseks ja tänu loomuliku kasvu stimuleerimisele aeglustub juuste väljalangemine füsioloogilistel põhjustel.
Sim Sensitive System 4 Bio Botanical Serum Effective serum boosted with natural extracts to refresh the scalp, stimulate scalp microcirculation and hair growth. Hair: All hair types, for men and women suffering from premature hair loss.
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Goldwell DualSenses Scalp Specialist Anti-Hairloss Serum Seerumi oheneville hiuksille. Seerumi hiustenlähtöä vastaan. Se ehkäisee hiustenlähtöä tehokkaasti. Vahvistaa hiusten juuria ja päänahkaa, pidentää hiusten kasvuprosessia. Jopa ensimmäisen käyttökerran jälkeen ovat hiukset vahvemmat ja elinvoimaisimmat. Sisältää päänahkaa tasapainottava ScalpRegulationComplexia, hiusten kasvua edistävä inkivääriuutetta, T-Flavanone'a ja Instant Microfluid teknologia. Dermatologisesti testattu.  
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Matrix Biolage ScalpSync Pro-Aminexil Stimulates and nourishes the scalp to help prolong the life of hair. Clinically proven to reduce hair loss in just 6 weeks* Helps balance the scalp and leaves hair clean and healthy looking. *Clinical study tested on 130 subjects vs placebo for 6 weeks.
L'oréal Professionnel Aminexil Advanced Ampullit Hiustenlähtöä Vastaan Ampullit hiustenlähtöä vastaan. Vahvistavat hiusten juuria, stimuloivat hiusten kasvua. Omega-6 nutri complexe stimuloi hiusten juuria ja aktivoi niiden toimintaa. Hiuksista tulee vahvemmat ja joustavammat, vahentää hiustenlähtöä merkittävästi.
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Cutrin BIO+ Energen Serum, Hair Vitality 3 This balancing serum prevents and slows down premature hair loss and encourages new hair growth. Develop for women who suffer from hair getting thinner. Serum contains six vitamins that are important for the growth and well-being of hair. Stimulates the surface circulation of the scalp. Protects and nourishes scalp. BIO+ Energen products are excellent also for women who want to have long hair Directions: Wash hair first with BIO+ Energen Shampoo. Use applicator to apply serum to scalp and massage gently until absorbed. Do not rinse. Recommended as a course of treatment or for daily use together with Energen Shampoo. Active ingredients: Horse chest nut extract  
Kitoko Nutri-Restore Mask for Fragile and Damaged Hair Kitoko Nutri Active Masque has been created to strengthen and rejuvenate chemically treated, damaged and fragile hair caused by everyday build-up. Using natural plant extracts Hibiscus, Green Tea, Fire Tulip & Smectic Clay combine to remove all impurities from the hair and restore nutrients whilst at the same time leaving your hair strengthened, soft & manageable. Colour safe formula. Specifically designed to repair daily damage caused by pollution, chemicals, climate and damaging UV rays that can cause your hair to break, decrease hair's elasticity, resilience and suppleness.
Davines NOUNOU Hair Mask Korjaava, ravitseva ja suojaava hiusnaamio kuiville ja hauraille hiuksille. Tekee hiukset silkkisiksi ja kiiltäviksi, ehkäisee sähköistymistä      
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Paul Mitchell Strength Super Strong Treatment Voimattomille ja vaurioituneille hiuksille tarkoitettu tehohoito rakennepaikkaa ja vahvistaa hiusta sisältäpäin. Super Strong™ -yhdiste tunkeutuu syvälle hiuksen rakenteeseen ja jälleenrakentaa hiusta sisältäpäin. Lipidipitoiset hoitavat ainesosat lisäävät hiusten joustavuutta ja suojaavat mahdollisilta lisävaurioilta. Vehnäproteiinit ja runsaasti mineraaleja sisältävät aminohapot yhdessä hiilihydraattien kanssa vahvistavat hiuksen rakennetta ja lisäävät kimmoisuutta.
C:EHKO Haartonikum HAIR TONIC 3B FORMULA = BIOTIN + BIRCH EXTRACT + BISABOLOL Strong, thick and healthy hair noticeably improves a person’s well-being. For this reason we have developed C:EHKO HAIR TONIC through many years of pioneering research. The revitalizing intensive serum effectively reduces hair loss and has been proven to stimulate the production of new hair. C:EHKO HAIR TONIC visibly strengthens the structure of the hair, giving brittle and weak hair new fullness as well as noticeably invigorating the scalp. Irritations are reduced and the blood circulation is improved. This specifically aids the cell metabolism so that the high content of active substances can be better absorbed and transmitted by the hair root. For more resistant hair with a healthy shine. Whether it is stress, hormonal changes or medical treatments, the causes of hair loss are many and varied. C:EHKO HAIR TONIC treats hair loss directly at the root – gently and effectively. In close interaction, Biotin, Birch Extract and Bisabolol regulate the scalp’s sebum production, while soothing it and combating inflammation. NATURAL ENERGY SERUM.
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Collistar Anti-Hair Loss Revitalizing Vials A definite answer to hair loss with scientifically proven results. Thanks to Trichogen®, an innovative patented biotechnological complex, these vials represent a highly advanced program for treating hair loss in women. The exclusive mix of concentrated anti-hair loss active principles guarantee an all-round revitalizing treatment for the hair and scalp, which • stimulates the germinative activity of the bulb • reinforces the capillary fibre, making the hair stronger and more resilient • prevents hair loss and encourages regrowth. The vials may be used either on damp hair after washing with Anti-Hair Loss* Revitalizing Shampoo, or on dry hair. Apply twice a week for prevention and maintenance, 3 times as an intensive therapy. * Treatment helpful in the prevention of hair loss.
Davines Naturaltech Replumping Hair Filler Superactive Serum Hiuksia täyttävä, hiuksiin jätettävä tuote. Todella tehokas vaikutus. Kosteuttaa ja antaa tukea. Vaikuttavat ainesosat: hyaluronihappo        

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