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Londa Professional Sleek Smoother Leave - In Conditioning Balm Hoitoaine vaikeasti käsiteltäville ja karkeille hiuksille. Hoitoaine vaikeasti käsiteltäville ja karkeille hiuksille. Ohjaa hiukset ja helpottaa niiden kampaamista. Radialux mikrohiukkaset kosteuttavat vaikeasti käsiteltäviä ja karkeita hiuksia, silottaa hiussuomu, antaa hiuksille sileyttä ja silkkisyyttä
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JOICO Curl Refreshed Reanimating Mist Curly hair can be hard to manage, especially when it reacts adversely to the pH levels in water. Joico Curl Refreshed Reanimating Mist is a pH optimised spray enriched with Curl Repair Technology™ to create stronger, bouncier, healthier looking curls between washes. Combining a blend of natural oils, reconstructive proteins and defining polymers, the lightweight mist reanimates hair between washes, refreshing the texture of your curls and waves whilst restoring bounce, body and definition. Reactivating curls for an enhanced finish, the frizz-fighting formula will leave curls moisturised, defined and shiny.
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JOICO Curl Perfected, Curl Correcting Milk Curly hair can be hard to manage, especially when it reacts adversely to the pH levels in water. Joico Curl Perfected Curl Correcting Milk is a pH balancing treatment enriched with Curl Repair Technology™ to create stronger, bouncier, healthier looking curls. Combining a blend of natural oils, reconstructive proteins and defining polymers, the pH balancing formula seals and protects the porosity of hair, saturating the surface and reducing swelling for frizz-free curls with restored elasticity and bounce. Reactivating curls for an enhanced finish, the frizz-fighting formula will eliminate dry, frizzy locks and encourage curls to look their best without weighing them down.
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Kitoko Age-Prevent Scalp Tonic for Agening, Fragile or Thinning Hair What it is: Kitoko Age Prevent combines nourishing botanical extracts with unique technology to help combat the signs of ageing hair including; thinning, breakage, split ends, lackluster colour, dryness, fizzy and unruly white hair. What it does: This new hair therapy system re-balances & rehabilitates the scalp, creating the optimum environment for the growth of beautiful healthy hair. Special Micro-Algae extract, clinically proven to strengthen & thicken hair, helps to promote healthy hair growth & prevent thinning & hair loss. What else you need to know: Green coffee, rich in caffeine & cacao energize & stimulate the scalp to help boost circulation.
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Echosline Seliar Bi-Phase Conditioner Enriched with Argan Oil, Linseed Oil, Silk Proteins and Sun Filter, it is ideal for all hair types, restores softness and vitality without leaving hair feeling heavy. Creates a protective film around the hair.
Echosline Seliar Discipline Shampoo for Unruly and Frizzy hair Delicately cleanses and instantly eliminates the frizzy effect, leaving hair flowing and manageable. Cocoa Butter and Argan Oil work in synergy to bring extraordinary strength, softness and shine, without weighing down the hair.
Paul Mitchell Moisture, Awapuhi Moisture Mist Kevyt hiuksiin jätettävä kosteuttava ihoa ja hiuksia hoitava suihke antaa kiiltoa ja elvyttää. Havaijilainen awapuhi ja erityinen yhdistelmä hoitavia ainesosia kosteuttavat hiuksia ja ihoa. Kamomilla, henna, rosmariini, aloe vera ja jojoba antavat hiuksille kauniin luonnollisen kiillon. Poistaa sähköisyyttä
Paul Mitchell Original Lite Detangler What it does Makes tangled tresses easier to brush and style, leaving hair full of volume and shine. How it works Lightweight conditioners boost volume and shine. Added bonus Fragrance-free formula is ideal for anyone sensitive to scents.
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Wella Suihkehoitoaine Hiuksiin jätettävä kaksifaasinen suihkehoitoaine hoitaa hiuksia ja suojaa niitä stressiä vastaan. Antaa kevyen ja joustavan pidon. Helpottaa kampaamista. Ei sisällä parabeeneja.  
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Angel en Provence Grapefruit Straighten Treatment Cream Specially designed for frequently bleached, colored and chemically treated hair. Containing grapefruit extract, this treatment can restore hair back to its healthy pH value, maintaining hair color and straight feel. Vitamin C added to deeply nourish and repair demeged hair, leaving hair soft, delicate, sraight and with a natural glow. DIRECTIONS: After shampooing, apply an appropriate ammount on to palm. Rub hands together and massage evenly from roots to ends. For the best result , use steam or cover hair with hot towel. Leave in for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.  
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Aroma magical moisture spray, Angel Dancoly, Natural and Pure
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Estel Otium Sun Time Travel Size  1.Cooling shampoo 60ml 2.Conditioner 60ml 3.Leave in hair spray 50ml 4.Cooling shower gel 100ml 5.Moisturizing body spray 50ml
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Hiuksiin jätettävä hoitoaine kaikille hiuslaaduille, JOICO Daily Care Leave-In Detangler pH 4.5-5.5 Sisältää Quadramine Complex™ ja Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex™ yhdisteitä Kosteuttaa ja suojaa Lämpösuojan sisältävä jätettävä hoitosuihke selvittää hiuksia lisäten niihin kosteutta ja antaen kiiltoa. Käyttö: Suihkuta pyyhekuiviin hiuksiin.Viimeistele.
C:EHKO 4-3 Leave-In Conditioner Long & Thick Hair CONDITIONER FOR LONG, DIFFICULT-TO-MANAGE HAIR pH 4.0 – 5.0 LEAVE IN conditioner with anti-frizz formula containing wheat protein, aloe vera, black cumin oil and white tea extract. Can be used daily to restore the optimal balance of the hair structure. Especially suitable for long hair that tends to get frizzy. Leaves hair smooth and naturally shiny. After shampooing, massage evenly into damp hair. Style hair as usual. DO NOT RINSE!  
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Marrakesh Kahm Smoothing Treatment Smoothing blend of Vegetable Keratin Protein, Argan Oil, and Hemp Seed Oil significantly improves internal strength and locks in smoothness without damaging chemicals. Get hair stick straight or create flexible curls or waves with long lasting frizz and humidity control. Safe for color treated hair. 100% Vegan. PRODUCT CONTAINS NO: ANIMAL TESTING, ANIMAL INGREDIENTS, PARABENS, DYES, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, THC, PETROLEUM, PHTHALATES.  
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L'oréal Professionnel Liss Unlimited Silottava Hiuksiin Jätettävä Voide Kuiville Karkeille Hiuksille Silottava hiuksiin jätettävä voide kuiville karkeille hiuksille, joka ravitsee ja antaa hiuksille erinomaista sileyttä 4 päiväksi. Sisältää keratiini-teknologiaa ja öljyjen kompleksia. Pro-keratiini korjaa hiuksen rakennetta, kukuipähkinäöljy ja helokkiöljy vahvistavat hiuksia, helpottavat muotoilua ja suojaavat kosteuden vaikutuksilta. Tuloksena ilmavat, silkkisen sileät ja kiiltävät hiukset.
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Davines MELU Hair Shield Lämpösuojasuihke kaikentyyppisille hiuksille, käytettäväksi aina lämpökäsittelyiden alle. Suojaa hiusta lämpökäsittelyiden aiheuttamilta vaurioilta ja antaa hiuksille kauniin, luonnollisen kiillon.        
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Davines LOVE Hair Smoother Curl Enhancing - Kosteuttavat ja pehmentävät tuotteet taipuisille ja kiharille hiuksille. Smoothing - karheille ja pörröisille hiuksille.        

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