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Peroxyde Oxydant Cream 1000ml. - Echosline, Italy
Echosline peroxyde vesinik oxydant
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Malli:  Echosline peroxyde vesinik oxydant
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Valmistajamaa:  Itaalia - Italy
Maahantuoja:  PRO Kosmeetika

Echosline Creamy Activator 1000ml 7V, 10V, 20V, 30V, 40V

Made in Italy

To guarantee maximum results of the Echosline coloring service, Echos Color must be mixed with the Echosline Cream Hydrogen peroxide

Formulated to enhance the application of the color in cream while maintaining enchanged the initial volume in time.

It contains hydrogen peroxide. 

To be used following the directions of the products with which it has to be mixed.


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