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IN:GEL Gel Polish
IN:GEL Gel Polish
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Malli:  IN:GEL Gel Polish
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Pakkauksessa:  15 ml

IN:GEL Gel Polish

IN:GEL Gel polish has an a wonderful coverage and shine, good adhesion, is elastic, softens off in Acetone in just 3-5 minutes or in Soak Off Remover. It is suitable for applying on natural nails, as well as artifical nails.

Application: Before usage roll the bottle in your palms. Apply 1-2 coats to the prepared nails. Gel polish cures in UV lamp in 2 minutes and in LED lamp in 30-60 seconds (depending on the lamp power). Make sure the free edge is sealed well. Apply top coat, cure in a lamp as above.

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