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Collistar Perfect Eyebrows Kit
Collistar Perfect Eyebrows Kit Kulmuvärvi Komplekt
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Malli:  Collistar Perfect Eyebrows Kit Kulmuvärvi Komplekt
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Valmistajamaa:  Itaalia - Italy
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Collistar Perfect Eyebrows Kit

An exclusive kit which creates perfectly makeup brows in an instant.

Eyebrow Gel 3 In 1. A soft, creamy, coloured gel containing imperceptible microfibers which thicken the eyebrows extremely naturally, fixing and defining them flawlessly. The handy mini-brush makes application quick and easy.

Eyebrow Pencil Defines. A ‘professional’ product as used by make-up artists. Apply the soft pink pencil on the upper eyelids, just below the brows, to define and light up the eyes. Ultra-soft and easy to blend, enriched with moisturizing, protective plant oils and waxes.


1. Apply the gel to the eyebrows and comb them using the mini-brush.

2. Apply the highlighting pencil, following the shape of the eyebrows, and blend in with finger tips.

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