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Collistar Mascara Art Design Waterproof
Collistar Mascara Art Design Waterproof Veekindel Volüümi Lisav
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Malli:  Collistar Mascara Art Design Waterproof Veekindel Volüümi Lisav
EAN / viivakoodi:  8015150158534
Valmistajamaa:  Itaalia - Italy
Maahantuoja:  Vaata pakendilt
Pakkauksessa:  11 ml

Collistar Mascara Art Design Waterproof

MASCARA ART DESIGN® turns lashes into works of art: the exclusive design amplifies volume instantly, lengthening and shaping lashes perfectly, opening them outwards like a fan for spectacular panoramic volume and making the eyes look wider and truly magnetic.

The brush is a little hi-tech masterpiece down to the finest detail, from its slender tapered profile to the arrangement of the bristles. It has been developed with millimetric precision to • rapidly shape lashes by elongating them towards the outside • give perfect application of the mascara also on the lower and shorter inner lashes. Supple and ultraflexible, the bristles capture the lashes one by one boosting volume all along their length, from the root to the tips, to make them look thicker, yet perfectly separate. Extra-black pigments coat them with a deep, intense colour that captures and reflects the light, for an extra-glossy finish. The product’s special texture guarantees an even application free of clumps and smudges and an extra-long-lasting hold. Antiage action and treatment. Thanks to the moisturizing proper ties of carnauba wax and soy lecithin and the outstanding antioxidant action of its vitamin C + E complex, the product’s exclusive formula prevents the formation of free radicals to keep lashes youthful, strong and elastic. Remove Mascara Art Design by using a normal facial cleanser.

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