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After Colour Shampoo Dopocolore S1 350ml, Ideal for colored an treated hair, it is rich in Vitamin E that with its anti-oxidizing action and Milk and Wheat Proteins that hydrate and restore gloss. Directions: Apply to wet hair, massage well, lather and rinse off. Complete treatment with mask M1.
8,27 EUR
Echosline, Aegena, Dermopurifying fluid, 150ml.
10,83 EUR
Echosline Make Age Fortyying mousse 250ml Ideal for brittle hair, dry and treated. Formulated with Wheat Protein and Solar Filter, nourishes, restores and protects the hair fiber, preparing the crease for an estate full of volume. Plus : Action bivalent : a wet hair makes it easier to fold, dry hair gives a natural finish.  
3,99 EUR
Batcher for 1 liter bottles and cans.
Echosline Creamy Activator 1000ml 7V, 10V, 20V, 30V, 40V Made in Italy To guarantee maximum results of the Echosline coloring service, Echos Color must be mixed with the Echosline Cream Hydrogen peroxide Formulated to enhance the application of the color in cream while maintaining enchanged the initial volume in time. It contains hydrogen peroxide.  To be used following the directions of the products with which it has to be mixed.  
Straightening Mask Echosline M7, Rebel and Unruly Hair, Hair straightening mask for rebel and unruly hair. Contains cotton oil, wheat and milk proteins. Its softening and detangling action makes curly, coarse and rebel hair easier to straighten.   Directions for use: Use shampoo 2 (S2), towel dry and apply and comb through evenly from root to tips. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse.
11,40 EUR
Echosline R+ Deep Protection Mask With Shea Butter 500ml, Deep Hydrating Treating Mask carries out a softening and nourishing action that helps restore strength to damaged hair. Directions for use: Apply to clean shampooed hair, leave in for 5 minutes and rinse off. For best results cover hair during the procedure with warm towel. After this mask apply a conditioner.
9,12 EUR
Echosline R+ Protective Shampoo with shea butter    
2,85 EUR
Dosaator 1 liter bottles
12,35 EUR
Fix Power hair rocket, Extra Strong, Echosline