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5,90 EUR
BERRYWELL Developer - oxidant 3% Has been especially coordinated to the eyelash colours of BERRYWELL®. With only 3 percent hydrogene peroxide, the BERRYWELL® developer is a gentle partner in the coloration process. At the same time, it reliably helps to achieve a perfect colouring result every time.  
4,94 EUR
Eyelash and eyebrow developer, Strictly professional
5,84 EUR
Apraise Liquid Tint Developer Enhances the colour of eyelash tint being used, whilst ensuring long lasting colour results.
8,36 EUR
Apraise 3% Cream Developer Stabilised cream developer.
11,40 EUR
RefectoCil Sensitive Developer Gel   Developer Gel based on silver nitrate for RefectoCil Sensitive tints. Easy to use. No dripping. Attention: Only use with RefectoCil Sensitive colours! Don’t mix Colour and Developer Gel!  
6,27 EUR
RefectoCil Oxidant cream 3%   Oxidant cream is characterized by its easy to mix texture. It ensures brilliant colour results and is a must for RefectoCil Blonde Brow. Sufficient for about 150 applications.  
5,13 EUR
RefectoCil Oxidant 3% liquid   The intensive developer ensures brilliant colour results and can be used without concern in the sensitive eye-area. Sufficient for about 200 applications.  

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