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12,26 EUR
RefectoCil Sensitive Tint Remover With RefectoCil Sensitive you can finally offer the perfect tinting service for clients with sensitive eyes and skin and ensure that they have naturally beautiful, accentuated eyes too – day and night. Remove colour stains that occurred during tinting with RefectoCil Sensitive on the skin fast and gently with RefectoCil Sensitive Tint Remover. Gently rub with a moist cotton ball immediately after tinting. ATTENTION: The tint remover for oxidative colours does NOT remove colour stains that occurred during tinting with RefectoCil Sensitive!    
3,61 EUR
3-D Beauty Plastic Lash Ring This new U-Band lash holder will save you time and money with a professional presentation and efficient fingertip access.
5,40 EUR
Volume Lashes Tweezer 13cm  
3,71 EUR
Eyelash Brush, 15cm
Brushes for Lashes, Disposable, 50Pcs    
Brushes for lashes, disposable, pink    
Mini Led Fan 32 different light effects. Works with three AAA batteries, batteries not included.
Handheld Mini Fan Works with two AA batteries, batteries not included.
3,99 EUR
Surgical Cloth Tape, Large 5cm
28,69 EUR
Jane Iredale Professional Faux Lashes Latex-free adhesive included
10,50 EUR
Silicone Pad for Lashes 18x9,5cm
7,98 EUR
Apraise Stain Remover Removes any stains or splashes that may occur when performing the tinting procedure.
1,42 EUR
Cleanic Cotton Buds, 200Pcs 100% cotton
Eyelash Extensions Glue Ring
Effective Eyelash curler    
Professional Silicone Eyelash Brush  
Professional Eyelash Brush, Purple/Black
Heated Eyelash Curler Get long-lasting luscious looking lashes with no crimping or clumping at the bat of an eyelid with the heated eyelash curler. Perfect for make-up purse or travel. Power supplied by 2 AAA batteries (Not Included).  
1,40 EUR
Cleanic Sensitive Cosmetic Pads, 110 Pcs Extremely delicate sensitive pad, a pad with aloe extract.
PRO Lashes - Mink Lashes D 0,05 VOLUME
PRO Lashes - Mink Lashes C 0,05 VOLUME
Professional Silicone Eyelash Brush
5,50 EUR
Surgical Microfoam Tape, 2,5cm x 5m Hypoallergenic
Knot Free FLARE Short Black lashes, Michigan AVE M22    
3,94 EUR
Prefect Silk Lashes, Single multicolor    
Tweezers, ProNail
DD Double density FLARE Black Lashes    
7,32 EUR
Tweezers Prefect Silk Lashes
7,32 EUR
Pintsetid ripsmetehnikutele kumera otsaga Pintsetid on valmistatud erilisest kirurgilisest terasest, mis annab tootele kõrge tugevuse, oksüdatsiooni stabiilsuse ja ei ärrita nahka mitte mingil moel. Pikkus 12,5cm
1,14 EUR
Glass for eyelash glue 2,5 x 7,5cm
12,26 EUR
Colour tip Premium two tone lash - mink eyelashes, 12 strips, C 0,20x12mm Black mink lashes with tip colors: red, purple, blue and green
18,15 EUR
Colored Premium Y-Lash For Professionals, C0,15-12mm
15,30 EUR
Premium Y-Lash For ProfessionalsC ( 0,15 - 12mm) Y-lashes are high quality eyelash extension materials. The eyelashes are on adhesive strips to simplify the eyelash extension procedure.    
6,56 EUR
Knot Free FLARE Short Brown lashes, Michigan AVE M18    
7,32 EUR
Prefect Silk Lashes, L-shape eyelash tweezers 13cm.  
XS Lashes, D0,07 - Mink Lashes
XS Lashes, C0,07 - Mink Lashes
10,92 EUR
Strictly Professional Automatic Tweezer      
8,46 EUR
Sassi Automatic Tweezer Tweeze after showering when pores are open. Hold tweezer flat against skin as close to the root as possible and push both side of automatic tweezer handle evenly and pull in the direction of hair growth    
6,65 EUR
Karaja Eyelash Curler
Walk Man Mini fan, Air-Blower Works with two AAA batteries, batteries not included.
1,20 EUR
Glass for Eyelash Glue 2,6 x 7,6cm
6,84 EUR
Volume Lashes Tweezers    
7,98 EUR
Electric Heated Makeup Eyelash Curler Get long-lasting luscious looking lashes with no crimping or clumping at the bat of an eyelid with the heated pen-style eyelash curler. Two lines of heating system. Say goodbye to crimped or clumpy lashes - No pinching, tugging or pulling, the heated comb lifts, separates and curls lashes beautifully and naturally. Anti-damage system on heating area avoids any harm when curling eyelash. Won't turn on accidentally thanks to the lid which protects the on/off switch. Perfect for make-up purse or travel. Power supplied by 1PC AAA batteries (Not Included). How to use: 1. Pull out the battery cell out of the aluminum pen and insert 1 AAA battery. Slide the switchto ON position to activate unit. The green light will illuminate. 2. Let the curler heat for about 20 seconds. 3. Place the heated comb directly under eyelash line. Gently lift eyelashes with curler against your eyelid. Hold the position for 8~10 seconds (Do not press curler directly on the eyelid). Continue until desired look is achieved. 4. When finished, slide the on/off button downward to the off position. 5. For the best, long lasting results, we recommend a coat of mascara after curling.
4,80 EUR
Sassi Eyelash Glue, White Clear white, dries invisibly. Dries quickly, waterproof, durable holding power
Mink lashes MIX tray, XS Lashes 0,07
2,40 EUR
Eyelash curler, pink    
3,00 EUR
Eyelash curler, Barbara Hofmann, Silber    

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