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Rainbow Magic Face and bodypaint colors, 20ml(35g.) 6in1 Face paint is an excellent way to give a Halloween costume an extra dose of style. It is appropriate for any costume and every age group, too. You don't have to be an artist to apply face paint like a professional. All it requires is the right paint, brushes, and a few easy techniques like applying a base color first, using stencils, erasing mistakes with wipes, and finishing the look with setting powder. 1. Apply Base Color Before working on the face paint design, you need to apply a skin-toned base color with a slightly damp makeup sponge. Makeup sponges work better than brushes for this step because they leave a more even coat of color. It leaves a smooth and oil-free surface that adheres better to colorful face paints. 2. Paint Light to Dark Most face paint designs require multiple colors of paint. You should apply the lighter colors first and darkest colors last. This gives the overall look dimension and contrast. In addition, because face paints tend to blend, dark colors stand out better on light colors while light colors fade against dark colors.   3. Build Color Rather than painting one thick coat of paint, it is more effective to paint multiple thin coats. Each coat makes the color more vibrant and provides better coverage. Face painters should let each coat dry completely before painting the next coat of the same color. 4. Outline and Stencil Painting freehand can be difficult for novice face painters. To avoid mistakes and ensure that the overall look is clear and symmetrical, you should first outline the design using a thin paintbrush and a small amount of white face paint. To make this process even easier, painters can trace the design using a face paint stencil. Sponge Stencil Stencils with small details work better with a sponge application rather than brush application. To sponge in a stencil, you can gently hold the stencil on the face, dab a makeup spong
Profi-Aqua Pearlised 20ml/35g, Professional Make-Up for Face and Body Painting
Eulenspiegel Profi-Aqua 20ml. Professional Make-Up for Face and Body Painting

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