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5,61 EUR
Planet Nails Mini Tool Box 9,5x6
1,61 EUR
Nail Art Stamper Stamping Nail Art Stamper with Plastic Scraper, used for all series of our stamping template.
14,16 EUR
GlamLac Professional Silicone Nail Caps and Foam Pads Colour gel removal process with silicone caps for easy application and removal. Use with any soak off gel system. Efficient use of remover Liquid. Contains: 10 reusable silicone nail caps 20 disposable foam pads
2,50 EUR
Paint Palette Empty paint palette for 7 creamy texture products. Suitable for both professional use or personal use.
7,50 EUR
Brush Shelf For 6 Brushes Clear brush holder shelf  is perfect item to store your pencils and brushes. 
4,94 EUR
Aden Nail Stamper No.2 With 2 Scrapers Nail arst stamper with silicone surface and two defferent size scrapers.    
4,94 EUR
Aden Nail Stamper No.3 With Scraper Nail arst stamper with silicone surface and scraper.  
1,43 EUR
GlamLac Soak Off Nail Wraps
10,45 EUR
ProNails Diamond Mix Stick Perfect for mixing Gel Paint, Gellak and Sopolish Small enough to fit into the Sopolish bottles Adds some sparkle to your pencil box! Mix all your products with this sparkling Diamond Mix Stick. Clean with Clinilotion.
49,00 EUR
OPI Experttouch Wrap Dispenser
Nail Art Stamping Templates Most amazing inventions in the beauty industry history. It lets you decorate your nails with nail art designs easily and quickly with professional results. Anybody can have salon looking nail art designs by stamping pre-designed images at home in seconds. Endless designs creativity with our expanding range of designs (image plate).
Semperquard Nitrile Gloves Gloves made of Nitril will give them maximum protection without making their hands feel inflexible or clumsy.
22,80 EUR
Head Magnifying Glass with LED Light 8X *Portable Head Magnifier, usually uses in reading books, newspaper, drawing picture, repairing electronics and appreciating flowers etc. *Wear on the head, not need to hold the magnifying glass by hand,easy to use *Great vision aid at home or work; popular for electronics repair, embroidery, coin stamp collecting or as a general reading aid *Highly-versatile magnification tool used by professional jewelers for extra-fine detail work like diamond setting or watch repair *With a fixed lens, flip-down lens & flip-down loupe,magnifies 1.5X 3X 6.5X 8X *Angle of light can be adjusted vertically & horizontally *Circumference of the head strap is adjustable with a turn dial located on the back *Lens magnification can be combined to increase magnification up to 8x *Mini LED Head Magnifier, easy to carry *Can be used as a headlamp, perfect for gifts *Requires two AAA batteries (not included) Warm tips: 1, Magnifications are approximates and may vary slightly. 2,Batteries not included for safety. Package contents: 1*Multi Power Head Magnifying Glass LED Lighted Magnifier 3*Lens Note: The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.
117,80 EUR
Nail Drill Glazing Machine Küünefrees Kuni 35 000 pööret minutis. Jalapedaal ja puuriotsikud kuuluvad komplekti. Toodetud Koreas. Kasutab standard ± 2.35 puuriotsikuid.  Puuriotsikute vahetamine ilma võtmeta, käepidet keskelt keerates.  Edasi ja tagasi pöörlemise suunad. Garantii 1 aasta Kaal: 1.2 kg Mõõdud L/P/K: 240x200x95mm Kiirus: 0-35000 RMP max Jõudlus: 2,9 Ncm  
16,91 EUR
Barbicide Manicure Table Jar Barbicide Manicure Table Jar Disinfection Durable Glass with Stainless Steel Lid.
1,43 EUR
Dual Cat's Eye Magnet For Gel Polish Dual magnet for making patterns using magnetic pigments & polishes.  
1,38 EUR
Cat's Eye Magnet For Gel Polish Magnet for making patterns using magnetic pigments & polishes. NB! The product is defective (the magnet is oxidized) but does not affect the working process and the result. See additional picture.
1,14 EUR
Nail polish Removal pen refill heads 10 psc.  
Toe Separator, 2pack
24,00 EUR
Head magnifying glass 1,2-3,5 times with LED light
14,73 EUR
Nailpad roll holder, clear plastic
3,60 EUR
Brush Holder for 9 brush, Chrome
Nail gel remover folium, sopolish warps To be used with sopolish remover.    
1,80 EUR
Finger protection tape, width 2,5cm    
Pump Bottle, Does Not React With Acetone, For Nail Technician
0,66 EUR
6,56 EUR
Cuticle Scraper Double ended, 13cm, Bellitas, Strictly Professional
6,84 EUR
10 Wearable Nail Soakers Polish Remover Soaking both hands at the same time, convenience for use Suitable for all sizes of fingers Acetone resistant, can be filled with water for water bath for nails or acetone or other desired soaking liquid. For artificial nail removal, UV tanning bed protection. Suitable for nail teatment, removing false nails and cutille, nail nutrition & sterilization treatments. Color: Pink Sigle size:41*26mm Net weight: 43g Package weight: 53g Package Content: 10 x Nail Soakers Remover
20,90 EUR
Premier soft fake foot 20 x 8cm.
14,73 EUR
Premier Soft Hand AB 24,5 x 9cm
28,41 EUR
Premier practice Soft foot with holder  
28,50 EUR
Nail Practical Practice Flexible fake hand with Holder Stand      
22,80 EUR
Head magnifying glass with LED light
0,57 EUR
Fake finger for nails    
9,07 EUR
Strictly Professional Comedo - Double - Ended ( Standard & Loop End ) Stainless steel, 12cm.
0,48 EUR
Toe Separator Perfect product for separating toes while filing, buffering etc. Makes pedicure easier by protecting fresh nail polish while drying. Washable.
5,61 EUR
Aden Nail Stamper No.7 Nail arst stamper with silicone surface for clear vision stamping.  
4,65 EUR
Aden Nail Stamper No.5 Nail arst stamper with silicone surface.
Sempermed Powder- Free Gloves Gloves made of Nitril will give them maximum protection without making their hands feel inflexible or clumsy. Now with a thin layer of Aloe Vera and Vitamin Е for maximum care! Nurtures and prevents dehydration.
3,71 EUR
Stainless Double Ended Nail Cleaner Stainless Steel Double Ended Nail Cleaner
5,89 EUR
Aden Nail Stamper No.11 Nail arst stamper with silicone surface for clear vision stamping.  
Gelish Glass Dappin Dish The sanitary glass dish with matching lid perfectly holds Slip Solution for Polygel application.  
9,00 EUR
Semperguard Vinyl Powdered Gloves L8-9 Skin-friendly disposable protective glove Extra thin for excellent touch and temperature sensation High-quality vinyl formula for excellent comfort Free from latex proteins and accelerants Suitable for non-fat food contact   Particularly skin-friendly disposable protective glove for users with latex allergy. Extra thin for excellent touch and temperature sensation used left and right both sides. High-quality vinyl formula for excellent comfort. Size: large.  
14,40 EUR
Premier Soft fake hand, 1psc.
6,27 EUR
Beauty brush holder for 12 brush, Golden
13,30 EUR
Nail drill set, golden, 30pc.
4,75 EUR
NailTips Storage Box Case 20x11x3,8cm    
1,71 EUR
Rosewood Sticks, wooden sticks, aplicators, Barbara Hofmann

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